Barnett TS380 Crossbow Review

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Quick Overview of the Barnett TS380

Bryan Taylor



The Barnett TS380 is the perfect tactical crossbow from Barnett with an excellent price-quality ratio. Just the Trigger-Tech trigger is worth the price you pay for this crossbow. The crank-cocking device isn’t the best, but using the rope cocker will do the trick as well and is completely silent. Because of the rubberized grips and rubberized pass-through foregrip, the Barnett TS380 isn’t just comfortable to hold, it’s also very silent to shoot.


Today we’ll be reviewing a crossbow from Barnett’s Tactical-Series; the Barnett TS380. This crossbow features TriggerTech technology which is one of the best triggers you can currently get on a crossbow! TriggerTech triggers are valued at $200 alone! This crossbow also features an adjustable butt-stock and rubberized grips and foregrips for a comfortable feel. Optionally you can also install Barnett’s “Tactical” Crank-Cocking device on the Barnett TS380.

Barnett TS380 Crossbow Review - Tactical AR style Crossbow

Barnett TS380 Crossbow Features

Barnett TS380

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380 FPS

6.9 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
16.75" / 13.25"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
201 lbs.

Extra Features:
TriggerTech, Crank Cocking Device (Optional), Metal injection molded trigger, Soft-Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, Adjustable Length-of-Pull Butt Stock

What we like

  • Accurate
  • Well balanced
  • Rubberized Foregrip
  • TriggerTech Trigger
  • Crank optional

What we don’t like

  • Only 2 arrows
  • Crank-Cocking isn’t silent

Package Contents

  • Barnett TS380 Stock/Barrel + 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope
  • Riser/Front-End
  • Two 20-inch Headhunter™ Arrows (~400grains)
  • 3-Arrow Lightweight Side-Mount Quiver
  • Tactical Crank Cocking Device or Rope Cocking Device
  • Lubrication Wax
  • Instruction Manual

Size and Weight

The Barnett TS380 is a pretty compact crossbow. Its total length is 32.375 inches and comes with an adjustable butt stock. You can add 2 inches to the total length of the bow by expanding the adjustable butt stock.

When the TS380 isn’t cocked, its total width is 16.75 inches and fully cocked 13.25 inches.

Barnett TS380 Top View With Width and Length Sizes

Barnett managed to keep this crossbow pretty lightweight, it comes in at 6.9 lbs. It has an aluminum flight track and a riser made from magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy is very lightweight but still very durable.

Speed and Arrows

As with most crossbows, the name already gives it away. The Barnett TS380 is rated to shoot arrows at 380 feet per second with a draw weight of 201 lbs.

Barnett provides two 20-inch 375-grains Headhunter™ arrows with half-moon nocks. The field tips weigh ~100-grains, the shafts ~275 grains. We don’t really like the fact that Barnett only provides 2 of these arrows with the package, usually it’s per 3/6/12. But again, the price is just unbeatable so we can’t complain really.

Besides, the Headhunter arrows from Barnett are one of the cheapest arrows you can get. Buying a pack of 5 Headhunter arrows on Amazon or from Barnett’s official website should only cost you around $45. At the time of writing (8/27/2020), Amazon is offering a very juicy offer; $29.99 for a 5-pack Headhunter arrows.

Funny thing is, Barnett does deliver a 3-arrow quiver with this crossbow… It’s a basic lightweight side-mounted quiver. It does the trick and actually balances the crossbow very well.


Barnett equipped the TS380 with a 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope. This scope is rated to be waterproof and shock-resistant. It has multi-coated optics, which reduces the glare and reflection. Without any lighting, the image quality at long range is very clear and you can see details very easily.

Unfortunately, this scope isn’t fog-proof. If you’re hunting in warmer temperatures then it’s not a problem at all. If you decide to go hunting with this scope in the winter, with below freezing temperatures, then you’re probably in for a bad time.


The Barnett TS380 is a crank-cocking device compatible crossbow. You can get the crossbow with the crank-cocking device or with a rope-cocking device. I got the TS380 with the “tactical” crank-cocking device, it’s much easier to crank and despite my initial worries, it works really well!

People around me weren’t happy with Barnett’s crank-cocking device. I heard some issues with the device not fully locking into place and even ejecting out of its mount during cocking. None of them had the TS380 though and this crossbow is equipped with a different (tactical) crank-cocking device than other Barnett crossbows.

According to Barnett, you’ll only need a maximum of 13 lbs. of force to turn the crank and cock the crossbow. It reduces the draw weight by over 93%! The crank-cocking device is ambidextrous, so it’s possible to adjust it for right or left-handed use.

If you decide to get the TS380 without the crank-cocking device, you’ll save yourself about $60. If you decide to get the crank-cocking device later, you can buy one on Amazon for less than $100 or on Barnett’s official website for $149.99.

Trigger and Safety features

One of the main features on the Barnett TS380 crossbow is the TriggerTech frictionless release technology Metal Injection Molded Trigger. We’ve seen this before on Excalibur and Barnett crossbows and it’s one of, if not the best trigger you can get on a crossbow.

It has a smooth zero-creep 3-pound pull. It also has anti-dry fire safety features and nock sensors.

Barnett's TriggerTech™ Trigger Control System

Assembling and Storage

Barnett always ships their crossbow with great pride. Inside the box you’ll find an inspection checklist from Barnett with a date from when it has been checked. Barnett ships the TS380 mostly assembled. It’s basically a one-bolt assembly. This is one of the easiest crossbows to assemble, a beginner crossbow hunter should not have any problems assembling the Barnett TS380.

Because Barnett provides a general instruction manual with all of their crossbow models having a different installation-setup. Refer to page 9 in the instruction manual for the installation instructions for the TS380. It’s a “foot stirrup/cast riser crossbow model, so that’s the instructions you’ll have to follow to properly assemble this crossbow.

It’s possible to store this crossbow by hanging it on its foot-stirrup. Barnett does not deliver a crossbow case with the TS380 but you can get the Guide Gear Deluxe Universal Soft Crossbow Case on Amazon. This case fits the Barnett TS380 and you can then safely store your crossbow!

Range Test

A crossbow review isn’t complete without testing the crossbow on the range and putting it through a speed-test. When I first picked up the stock, I noticed it was rubberized almost anywhere you’d place your hands. It feels really nice to hold the TS380, the pass-through foregrip is also rubberized and feels very natural. This is one of the nicest foregrips on a crossbow I’ve owned.

Adjusting the length of this crossbow is also very easy to do thanks to the adjustable butt stock. You can adjust it to your preference, which is a huge benefit.

Barnett TS380 Adjustable Butt Stock

While using the crank cocking device, I noticed that it creates quite a noise. It’s not silent at all, you can hear clicking when you turn the crank. I’d recommend not using the crank while you’re out hunting, this will scare game away! Maybe I’ve been too spoiled with the ACUdraw from TenPoint.

Cocking this crossbow with the rope-cocker should be easy to do. I’m used to rope-cocking a crossbow though and don’t have any problems with my shoulders or back (yet).

Shooting the TS380 generates almost no sound though. Because of the anti-vibration foot-stirrup, rubberized stock, rubberized foregrip and track-mounted string dampeners, you’ll only hear a low thump.

As mentioned before, the trigger-tech trigger is one of the best triggers on the market for crossbows these days. It has a very smooth pull and no creep at all.

I speed tested this crossbow and it came in at 374 and 372 feet per second. Just a bit less than the advertised speed. I decided to weigh the arrows and they both weighed around ~400-grains. This is a bit heavier than they should be, I’m not sure if I’ve received a bad batch or that they’re heavier now…

To be sure I decided to order a new 5-pack Headhunter arrows and they also weigh around 400-grains per arrow. I think 400-grain arrows are better than more lightweight arrows. This will give you more kinetic energy and therefore deeper penetration. In theory, this should also make your crossbow last longer, but the arrows have a bit less speed.

Barnett TS380 Side View

If you’re looking for a quality crossbow with a crank-cocking device, we highly recommend getting one from a different brand. TenPoint, Ravin and Excalibur all have much better cranks available for their crossbows.

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