Bear X Constrictor CDX Review – Adjustable And Silent 410 FPS Crossbow

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Quick Overview of the Bear X Constrictor CDX

Bryan Taylor



The Constrictor’s narrow dimensions and blazing speeds of 410 fps deliver lethal results without breaking the bank. The crossbow has a lot of customizable parts and some nice safety features. The various sound dampening systems make sure the crossbow is really quiet, and the scope with illumination and an adjustable intensity dial make this a perfect stealth crossbow for hunting in the dark. The Constrictor CDX is built to last and looking to be one of the best 400+ fps crossbows on a budget. I highly recommend this fine weapon to any hunter out there that is looking for a reliable rig for the upcoming hunting season!


Bear Archery released the Constrictor CDX this year. It is a compact crossbow that silently shoots arrows with speeds up to 410 feet per second. Thanks to the different dampening systems this crossbow is whisper quiet and the scope with illumination and an adjustable intensity dial that allows you to effortlessly hit your target. The crossbow comes in a ready-to-hunt crossbow package that contains everything you’ll need to use the crossbow efficiently.

Included with every Bear X Constrictor CDX crossbow package are the following; 3Bear X TrueX bolts, illuminated scope, 4-arrow quiver, cocking rope, and some rail lube/string wax.

Bear X also released the Bear X Constrictor. It is quite similar to the constrictor CDX but there are some differences. The Constrictor comes with a sling and a top mount quiver.

Features of the Bear X Constrictor CDX

BearX Constrictor CDX

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410 FPS

8.9 lbs


Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
14" / 10"

Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
190 lbs.

Extra Features:
Dual-Mount String Recoil suppressor System, Anti-Dry Fire, 5-arrow quiver, Adjustable Cheek Pad, 3” of trigger pull adjustment

What we like

  • Ultra-Compact crossbow
  • Hard-hitting 415 FPS
  • Thanks to the different dampeners, this crossbow is whisper quiet!
  • Adjustable cheek pad and trigger pull

What we don’t like

  • Rope cocking 190 LBS can be a bit much for folks with a weaker back
  • It is a bit heavy for its size
  • The crossbow doesn’t come with a sling

First Impressions / Size and Weight

The first thing that stands out about the Constrictor CDX is the crossbow’s size. The crossbow is very compact, considering that the crossbow has a standard limb set up. It measures an overall length of 32 inches and a mere 10” wide cocked(axle to axle) and 14” wide uncocked. If you are looking for an even more compact crossbow I’d like to point you towards the Ravin R26.

The Constrictor CDX has a slim compact design but the crossbow is built sturdy, Bear X made sure the crossbow is durable so you can use it for years to come. The crossbow looks great and the Stoke finish is a pleasure to the eyes as well. It is not a lightweight crossbow, at least not compared to other competing models. The Constrictor CDX tips our scales at 8.9 lbs without accessories.

The polymer stock butt is fully adjustable, you can extend or shorten it to fit your preferred length of pull. The stock has an adjustable cheekpiece. The forearm grip is also fully adjustable as well.

The Constrictor CDX

Arrows and Speed

With a draw weight of 190 lbs and a power stroke of 12.7 inches, the Constrictor CDX shoots arrows with a velocity of 410 fps. The Bear X TrueX arrows delivered in the package are high-quality arrows that I would gladly hunt with.

The TrueX arrows come fully equipped with 100-grain field points, inserts, and TrueX nocks. Every arrow is inspected and sorted for straightness within +/-.005”, fletched with 4” vanes, 20” long, and 370 grains. The package includes three arrows.

The Specially designed crossbow arrow nocks also work with other narrow BearX Crossbow models.

The CDX comes with an ambidextrous top mount quiver is placed on a 360-degree pivot, which allows you to position the quiver on the right- or left-hand side of the crossbow. The quiver can hold a total of five arrows with or without broadheads.


The crossbow features a nice illuminated stock scope. The scope has an easily adjustable intensity dial. It is not one of the best crossbow scopes out there but considering the price its a good deal.

The scope that is mounted on the Excalibur Constrictor CDX


The Constrictor CDX has a draw weight of 190lbs. This might be a little bit too much for shorter people and folk with bad backs. Thanks to the included rope cocker the draw weight can be reduced by 50% but even then it is still a heavy pull. The crossbow doesn’t come with a sling.

If you’re looking for a similar model that is easier to cock I’d point you towards the Bear X Constrictor, it includes a sling.

Trigger and Safety Features

The trigger system has anti-dry-fire technology that prefents you from accidantily dry firing the crossbow.

Above the forearm is a flexible rail guard to keep your fingers and thumbs out of the danger zone and the crossbow has a nice large trigger guard.

The trigger of the Constrictor CDX

Assembly and Sighting-In

This crossbow is incredibly easy to assemble. Even if you’ve never assembled a crossbow before. It only took me 10 minutes. Sighting in the scope was easy as well. It only took me a couple of minutes and a couple of shots.

Read the manual included in the package!

A Side view of the Constrictor CDX

Range Test

Despite its weight and heavy nose design, the CDX is comfortable to hold, shoulder, and shoot with. Cocking the crossbow was easy for me but I can imagine that it might be to much pull weight for some people. The rope cocker slices the draw weight by 50% but it is still 85 pounds you’ll have to pull.

We range tested the crossbow with the 370-grain arrows included in the package. On the chronograph we use for all the crossbows we test we measured speeds in the range of 375-411.6 fps. The trigger has a nice smooth pull with no annoying sounds or vibrations and due to all the dampening systems, the CDX shoots very silently.

The Constrictor CDX is highly accurate, the crossbow will repeatedly put arrows through the same hole. The scope performs well, particularly in the dark.

The crossbow is also perfect for use in tight quarters, the Constrictor’s narrow dimensions make this crossbow is super narrow so you can easily handle it. Therefore it is also suited to be used in a tree stand. The crossbow is designed to be used by both right-hand and left-hand users.

Recommended Accessories

Arrows & Broadheads

If you want to buy some extra arrows I’d recommend buying a six-pack of Carbon Express’s PileDriver Carbon arrows. If you want to buy some fine broadheads for the arrows. I’d recommend buying the Rocket Meat Seeker broadheads.

Carbon Express Pile 20 inch Driver Arrows
 Rocket Meat seeker Broadhead with three blades

High-End Scope

If you want to install a high end scope on the Constrictor CDX, I recommmend buying this 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope, that can project up to -100 yards. It features a ballistic red or green Illuminated reticle and a 300 FPS – 425 FPS speed adjustment monitor.


This package does not include a shoulder sling so I would recommend buying a budget shoulder sling. I picked the Southland Archery Universal Black Padded Crossbow Sling.


There is no crossbow case included in this package. You can always hang the crossbow from its stirrup in an appropriate place but I’d recommend buying a crossbow case to properly and safely carry the crossbow with you when you’re out there hunting and to store it offseason. The Guide Gear Deluxe Universal Soft Crossbow Case is a good quality budget crossbow case for under $50 that nicely fits the Constrictor CDX

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