Best Hunting Blinds in 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Looking for the best hunting blind in 2022? This article will tell you everything you need to know about hunting blinds so you can make a wise purchase that suits your personal hunting needs. There are different types and styles of hunting blinds on the market, in different price ranges, from simple and cheap budget-friendly blinds to more expensive and complex high-quality blinds.

Hunting from a blind has been practiced by hunters throughout human history, even in prehistoric times, hunters used primitive blinds to hunt various animals. Hunting from a blind allows the hunter to hide in a fixed location during a hunting session and to shelter from weather elements. A hunting blind can accommodate one or more hunters, depending on the type and the size of the blind. Hunting blinds are typically used for hunting deer, turkey, geese, ducks, and other waterfowl.

This article features 9 blinds chosen by the editors of Forgotten Hunter. All blinds have been extensively tested and fully reviewed. They are suitable for bow users, crossbow users, and gun users.

Best Hunting Blinds for 2022

Primos Double Bull Surroundview 360 Ground Blind – Best Overall

Primos Double Bull Surroundview 360 Ground Blind - The Best Hunting Blind

The SurroundView 360 Double Bull by Primos is a groundbreaking hub blind that can be called a game-changer in the field of visibility. It is the first hub blind with no blind spots. This hunting blind comes with four see-through walls and one movable blackout wall that you can place on a wall of your choice. The blind has five see-through windows and a 180-degree see-through window on the front. Now you can see all the movement you miss with traditional blinds, and still, stay just as hidden.

On the inside of the SurroundView 360 Double Bull, the black print and darkened interior allow your eyes to see through the holes for a clear view of the outside. On the outside, the camo print and natural light force human and animal eyes to focus on the camo, making thousands of very small holes “invisible.” The TRUTH Camo features a blend of shadows and patterns with a depth of field specifically designed for maximum camouflage in all ground-hunting conditions.

This advanced hunting blind is reliable, durable, and highly effective. We found it to be the overall best hunting blind that is currently on the market. If you are looking for comfort and concealment then this is the perfect blind for you. The SurroundView 360 Double Bull is very easy and quick to set up. We did it in just 7 seconds!


  • 360° view so no blind spot
  • 180° full front shooting window
  • Durable; legendary Double Bull materials and construction
  • Brush holders line the roof and under the shooting ports for easy addition of sticks, branches, and leaves
  • You can set up this blind in seven seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive (worth it though, fantastic blind)
  • The see through fabric walls are not going to trap scent
  • The carrying bag is not great. Should be a backpack style for easier carrying
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
L x 60” W x 60”70″23 lbs. w/bag84″2 Hunters
PRIMOS HUNTING Double Bull Surround View Blind 360
  • It's constructed with exclusive one-way see-through walls that let you see all of your surroundings without being seen
  • The surroundview 360 degree Comes with four one-way see through walls with one movable black out wall to place on any wall you choose
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 70 inch & 180 degree full front Shooting window
  • Weight: 23 pounds W bag ; Silent slide closure, 180° full front shooting window, 5 shoot through ports
  • Double bull limited Lifetime Warranty

Ameristep Pro Series Thermal Blind – Best for four hunters

Ameristep Pro Series Thermal Blind - Hutning Blind

The Ameristep Pro Series Thermal Blind is designed with five unique hubs, creating an asymmetrical shape. This unique pentagon footprint creates a unique silhouette with extra floor space. Inside, you’ll benefit from extra floor space, all-new silent-slide windows/mesh, and Ameristeps tried-and-true ShadowGuard coating to eliminate shadows and silhouettes.

The twelve large windows (8 triangular, 4 vertical) and extra depth make finding the perfect shot that much easier. The windows are not attached to the fabric. There is a string system that allows you to push the fabric up or down. It does not work the best in winter as the fabric hardens up then slowly goes back to the closed position.

The Pro Series Thermal Blind is wrapped in Mossy Oak Elements Terra that blends easily into any environment. It has heavy welded fabric for insulating protection on any exposed surface: roof, walls, and windows. This hunting blind comes with a carry bag with backpack straps.


  • Black ShadowGuard interior eliminates shadows, silhouettes and scents
  • Additional depth in rear for improved maneuverability and concealment
  • Premium carabiner and cam buckle rope ties for quick and secure tie-down
  • Reflective top hub pull strap improves blind visibility at night
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight


  • Not the best blind for the winter period
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
Footprint: L x 59” W x 30”70″24 lbs. 84″4 Hunters
Ameristep Pro Series Thermal Hub Blind | 4 Person Insulated Hunting Blind Designed for Cold Weather in Mossy Oak Elements Terra, AMEBF1009, One Size
  • ULTIMATE WARMTH: Built with insulated insulated fabric on roof,walls and windows and 300D welded fabric shell with dimensional quilted exterior, Ameristep Pro Series Thermal Blind will keep you warm and comfortable through all of your cold-weather hunts
  • GREAT FOR 4 HUNTERS: Unique pentagon footprint of the Pro Series Thermal Blind creates unique silhouette with extra floor space; additional depth in rear serves for improved maneuverability and greater concealment
  • ULTIMATE CONCEALMENT: The unique five-hub design creates an asymmetrical shape wrapped in Mossy Oak Elements Terra that easily blends into any setting and the Black ShadowGuard interior eliminates shadows, silhouettes and scents
  • EASY TO USE: The blind features 12 large windows (8 triangular, 4 vertical) that are 33% more than standard blinds with shoot-through mesh to handle whatever angle or location your shot requires and full-size walk-through door for easy entry and exit
  • BUILT TO LAST: The Ameristep Thermal ground blind is designed to be rugged and is designed to keep heat in and the elements out; premium carabiner and cam buckle rope ties ensures quick and secure tie-down

Barronett Beast – best for groups


The Baronnett Beast is the largest side-by-side pop-up hub blind on the market. This double wide, pop-up ground blind has six large, zippered windows that can be opened or closed in multiple arrangements to suit any hunter’s needs. Two full-length, zippered doors in opposite corners allow easy entry and exit.

The fabric is lightweight yet strong against the elements, and this hub blind features a full ground skirt that keeps the wind out and scents locked in. The large, full windows offer a 360 view of your surroundings, and adjustable mesh window covers, 2 zippered doors, as well as gear storage pockets and stakes. The window mesh is shoot-through and can easily be replaced when needed.

This blind sets up in no time and remains taut and sturdy in the field. Its double wide, side by side layout means you have enough space for multiple hunters on a group deer or turkey hunt, plus plenty of gear. The Beast offers incredible space for group deer or turkey hunts, tons of gear or even concealment for an ATV!


  • The only side-by-side hub blind on the market, spanning 160 inches x 90 inches hub-to-hub
  • Ground skirt around entire blind keeps wind out while containing scents and shielding movement
  • Comes with a carry bag w/ backpack straps
  • Double wide, pop up ground blind for 6 hunters, or for gear and ATV concealment
  • Easy set up


  • To really be able to get a shot you have to open the whole window which doesn’t provide much cover and the support brackets are exposed.
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
68.07 square feet80″31 lb.160″ x 90″6 Hunters
Barronett Blinds BE650BW Beast Pop Up Portable 6 Person Hunting Blind, Bloodtrail Backwoods Camo
  • The largest side-by-side hub blind on the market
  • Six large, zippered shooting windows
  • Replaceable shoot-through mesh for broadhead use only
  • Water-resistant, tightly-woven, HD 150 denier fabric with a black interior coating
  • Two full-length, zippered doors for easy entry

Ameristep Tent Chair – best tent chair blind

Ameristep Tent Chair Blind - Best Tent Chair Hunting Blind

The Ameristep Tent Chair is a blind that requires no assembly, sets up in seconds and is very compact because it is a chair and a blind all rolled into one. The chair is comfortable. This blind features rugged Durashell construction with ShadowGuard carbon-enhanced fabric that helps eliminate shadows and silhouettes, and it has front and side zippered windows.

The Tent Chair features front and side zippered windows for good visibility and Realtree Xtra camo to keep you concealed from your quarry. The Durashell Plus outer shell ensures this blind will stand up to the toughest conditions. You like to run and gun, but like the concealment of a quick set blind, the Tent Chair from Ameristep is the ideal choice. These Tent Chair blinds are some of the best hunting blinds for crossbow hunters.


  • Ideal for firearm and crossbow hunting
  • No assembly required
  • Durashell Plus fabric shell with matte finish
  • Includes carrying case with shoulder strap
  • ShadowGuard coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes
  • Easy set up
  • Lightweight


  • Should come with netting Camo
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
52″ x 61″ 60″13 lbs.160″ x 90″1 Hunter
Ameristep Tent Chair Blind | 1-Person Hunting Blind in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
  • Ameristep Hunting Ground Blinds & Accessories | Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. That’s what Ameristep has given hunters for over 20 years: ground blinds & accessories that cleverly conceal positions from up above and down below
  • The Ameristep Tent Chair Blind is a 1-Person hunting blind ideal for both firearm and crossbow hunters| 30 Second Setup
  • Lightweight & Durable: The outer shell is made of Durashell Plus, a custom-woven, matte-finish to make this blind lightweight yet durable
  • Undetectable: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country trim breaks up hard edges for a fully brushed-in look and ShadowGuard coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes while also blocking scents
  • Includes carrying case with shoulder strap for easy transport

Barronett Blinds Ox 5

Barronett Ox 5 Hunting Blind

The ox 5 is a five-sided blind that has a deceptively large interior giving the Hunter a panoramic view and enough room to stay far away from window openings to keep movement concealed. The blind features OxHide fabric, a unique 2-layer bonded fabric unlike anything ever used on a portable ground blind.

OxHide maximizes concealment on the exterior with a soft, no-shine, and color-rich camouflage layer permanently bonded to an ultra-durable, waterproof, woven polyester interior layer, creating ultimate durability. In addition, the dark interior fabric creates a dull black backdrop to conceal movement that will never scratch, crack, or flake off.

The fully adjustable window design opens from the center horizontally across 3 sides and silently slides to the desired width or height.


  • Five-sided design creates 70% more space. This massive footprint allows you to hunt further back to conceal movement.
  • Unique Silent Slide Windows – Fully Adjustable Any Width or Gap
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacture’s
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
41 ft.272″33 lbs.96″ x 96″3/4 Hunters
Barronett Blinds BX550BW Ox 5 Pop Up Portable 5-Sided Hunting Blind, Backwoods Camo
  • 5-sided design creates 70% more room than a comparable 4-sided blind but sets up just as easy
  • Durable OxHide 2-layer fabric
  • Silent and fully-adjustable panoramic shooting windows
  • Durable framework with 10mm fiberglass poles and lightweight die-cast aluminum hubs
  • Brush holders for optional added concealment

Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind – best spring steel hunting blind

Ameristep Doghouse Hunting Blind

The Ameristep Doghouse is a spring steel blind that sets up quickly, so you can remain mobile to keep up with game movements. The exterior of this hunting blind features one large, open window that is perfect for firearm hunting.

There is also the option to add provided shoot-through mesh covers to each porthole. The matte finish of the Durashell Plus fabric and 3D Edge ReLeaf trim blend well with the natural environment, and an interior ShadowGuard coating helps eliminate shadows and silhouettes. The Doghouse comes with a carry bag with backpack straps.


  • ShadowGuard coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes
  • Horizontal zippered window system
  • Easy-access zippered door
  • Backpack carrying case
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • You will need to get a spray to make this blind totally water proof
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
55” x 55”61″8 lbs55″2 Hunters
Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind, Two Man Hunting Blind in Realtree Edge Camo
  • EASY SETUP & TAKEDOWN: Getting sent to the doghouse is no longer punishment; it's the greatest reward; the Doghouse spring steel blind travels easily and sets up quickly to conceal two hunters inside
  • ENHANCED INVISIBILITY: The matte finish of lightweight yet durable Durashell Plus outer fabric and 3D Edge ReLeaf trim that breaks up hard edges for a fully brushed-in look blend well with the natural environment providing great concealment
  • HIGH-QUALITY INTERIOR: This hunting ground blind from Ameristep features the carbon-enhanced black ShadowGuard interior coating which helps eliminate shadows and silhouettes while also blocking scents
  • EASY TO USE: The blind features 7 windows with shoot-through mesh off versatile window openings and gun ports to handle whatever angle or location your shot requires
  • SPECS & DELIVERY SCOPE: Length: 60"; Height: 66"; Weight: 12 lbs; Footprint: 60" x 60"; the package includes Doghouse ground blind, backpack carrying case, tie-downs and ground stakes, shoot-through mesh porthole covers

Ameristep Care Taker Kick Out – best budget pop-up hunting blind

Ameristep Care Taker Kick Out

The Care Taker is a compact hub blind that is easy to transport and easy to set up. The blind has room for two hunters with equipment and is made from weather-resistant Durashell Plus. The Care Taker features nine shoot-through mesh windows making it a great option for bow and gun hunters alike. Ameristep’s advanced Kick-Out technology helps you blend into your surroundings better.

The Care Taker’s Spider Hub frame provides a sturdy, dependable structure that can weather the elements. Throw in a system of shoot-through mesh windows, and you can bet the Care Taker will take care of you. The blind comes with a carry bag with backpack straps.


  • Single hook windows open/close silently
  • ShadowGuard coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes
  • Includes carry bag for easy transport and storage
  • Shoot-through mesh windows optimized for archery and rifle hunters
  • Single-hook window design allows windows to be opened and closed silently
  • Rugged Spider Hub frame for easy setup and takedown
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
Footprint area:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
55″ X 55″66″13.5 lbs60″2 Hunters


  • The zipper is loud
Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Model: None
  • Ameristep Hunting Ground Blinds & Accessories. Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. That’s what Ameristep has given hunters for over 20 years: Ground blinds & accessories that cleverly conceal positions from up above and down below
  • The Care Taker comfortably accommodates two hunters, but its small size makes it easy to transport and deploy in a variety of environments such as heavily wooded areas
  • Integrated wheels for easy transport
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo covers the entire blind and shoot-through mesh windows. Inside, black ShadowGuard coating ensures shadows and silhouettes won’t give away your hideout
  • Dimensions: 55 L x 55 W x 60 H Inch. Window System: Silent Toggles. Shell Fabric: Durashell Plus. Footprint: 55 x 55 Inch Shooting Width: 60Inch; Includes: Hub blind, carry bag, ground stakes, high wind tie-downs

Primos Hunting Double Bull Stakeout Blind with SurroundView – best run n gun blind

Primos Hunting Double Bull Stakeout Blind with SurroundView

The Primos Double Bull Stakeout Blind with SurroundView technology is a fantastic portable run & gun blind for crossbow users. The Stakeout is built with two exclusive see-through walls, allowing you to see every movement in front of you without having to look around or above the blind. Three triangular shooting windows can open and close and are positioned for multiple shooting lane options. Its two-hub design keeps both walls sturdy yet easy to pop up and tear down.

The blind’s camo print and natural light force human and animal eyes to focus on the camo, making thousand’s of holes invisible to human and animal eyes. The Primos Exclusive TRUTH Camo contains a mix of shadows and patterns with a depth of field that is specifically designed for maximum concealment. On the inside the black print and darkened interior allow your eyes to focus through the holes for a clear view of the outside. The Double Bull Stakeout comes with a carry bag with backpack straps.


  • Durable; Legendary Double Bull material and construction
  • It’s the blind without a blind spot built for super light and ultra-portable concealment
  • Sets up in just seconds
  • Perfect for Run and Gun turkey hunting
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Expensive
Corner to Corner:Height: Weight: Shooting WidthHead Count:
59” 37″4.5 lbs60″1 Hunters
Primos Hunting Double Bull Stakeout Blind with SurroundView, Portable with Carry Bag in Truth Camo 65158
  • Three triangular shooting windows that open and close
  • Designed with 2 hubs for maximum portability
  • Corner to corner size is 59" and height is 37"
  • Weighs only 4. 5 pounds
  • Unisex-adult

Ameristep Throwdown – best budget run n gun blind

Throw Down Blind Turkey Hunting

The Throwdown is an easy-to-set-up hub-style blind for the hunter who hunts turkeys. It features three hubs that expand into three panels. This compact blind has an integrated stake system that holds the blind in place, and it’s easy to store in your turkey vest for quick access.

For such a compact blind, the Throwdown has impressive concealing power. The blind can accommodate one or two hunters with additional camouflage. The Throwdown is made with high-quality, durable polyester material to withstand harsh weather. The blind comes with a convenient carrying bag.


  • Hide up to 2 hunters or pivot blind around yourself for full concealment
  • Ultra-compact with quick setup for run-and-gun hunting
  • Patented hub design with integrated stake system eliminates loose parts
  • Perfect for Run and Gun turkey hunting
  • Sets up in just seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Compact


  • Not as durable as the Primos Hunting Double Bull Stakeout Blind
  • I’d like to see it a little taller. Works best when you sit on the ground. If in a chair, your body will show too much for deer hunting, but should be fine for turkey.
Dimensions:Height: Weight: Shooting Width:Head Count:
87″ x 29″29″1.8 lbs.60″2 Hunters
Ameristep outdoors Mossy Oak Hunting Blinds Treestands Blinds, Mossy Oak Obsession, 21.0X4.33X4.33 US
  • QUICK-SETUP PORTABLE BLIND: The ultra-compact blind with a quick setup is ideal for your run-and-gun turkey adventures; the compact folding Ameristep Throwdown Ground Blind sets up fast to keep you hidden from keen turkey eyes
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The patented hub design with an integrated stake system holds the Throwdown to just one piece of gear to keep track of, and it easily stows in your turkey vest for quick access; the compact design folds up compactly for easy carrying
  • GREAT CONCEALMENT TOOL: For such a compact blind, the Throwdown three-panel blind has impressive concealment power able to cover two hunters with extra camouflage from realistic 3D leafy die-cuts; dimensions: 25"Hx91"W, wall height: 27", weight: 1.8 lbs
  • EASY TO USE AND TRANSPORT: The paneled hubs are really what push this blind to the head of the pack, by creating a compact footprint with a solid hold that won't fall down when moment of truth arrives; the integrated strap keeps blind closed for transport
  • BUILT TO LAST: Made with high quality, durable polyester material to withstand harsh weather; ZS3 fabric reduces noise and sheen; integrated stakes secure this 3-panel blind against the wind for trustworthy concealment in any weather

Benefits of Hunting from a Blind


Success in hunting depends in large part on good camouflage. A hunting blind camouflages the hunter, so animals are less likely to see the hunter and flee out of sight. The best hunting blinds have a darkened interior, so you can observe your surroundings without being observed yourself.


Protection from the Elements

Some blinds protect you from several weather elements, however, not all blinds are 100% waterproof. You can use a water repellent spray to make these blinds more waterproof.


Every hunter knows that silence is extremely important for an efficient hunting session. The factors that make a blind quiet are the material the blind is made of and the quality of the zippers on the doors and windows.

Good for Teaching

A hunting blind is great for guiding new and inexperienced hunters through their first shot. The blind also provides additional cover for hunters who are impatient.

A hunting blinds is good for helping inexperienced hunters

More room for equipment

Hunting from a blind has the advantage of allowing you to bring more gear, such as trail cams, video cameras, ammunition and other hunting equipment. Some hunting blinds are even big enough to hide an AV in!

Why it is Worth Investing in a High Quality Hunting Blind

We recommend the more expensive ground blinds instead of the budget blinds. The main reason for this is that the cheaper blinds are often not as durable as more expensive and higher quality blinds. Budget blinds tear more easily and they are much less efficient at hiding the hunter and at keeping human odors in. Budget blinds are also more expensive in the long run. This is because they often last only one hunting season. If you have to buy a new blind every year, you will spend more money than if you have made a good investment in a more expensive quality blind that you can use for a longer period of time.

Hunting Blind Types

You have many different types and sizes of hunter blinds on the market but basically, they can be divided into two basic types. You have your hard-sided permanent blinds(elevated or on the ground) and soft-sided portable ground blinds.

You have several types of ground blinds, the portable hub style ground blinds are the most popular. Hub blinds are the best hunting blinds for hunters who need a lot of elbow room in the blind, but still want to stay mobile. They are great for hunters who use a bow and for crossbow users. They are of course also suited for gun and rifle users. Hub blinds have streamlined designs that improve set-up and take-down while maximizing frame strength. A high-quality hub blind will last for many years.

Hub Blind

Hub blinds shelter you from the elements and they are forgiving with lower body movement. The best hub-style hunting blinds feature attachment rings for hauling and they are delivered with a backpack or carrying bag. We recommend a lightweight ground blind that incorporates a carry bag with straps for easy transport.

Very popular these days are so-called pop-up blinds. These hub-shaped hunting blinds “pop” open(that’s where the name comes from). When you want to use a pop-up blind it is set up in seconds and it can also be easily folded back for storage of the blind. Hub blinds usually weigh between 7 and 26 pounds.

Ground Blinds VS Elevated Blinds and Tree Stands


  • Better concealment
  • No need for a tree
  • Great for those who aren’t as mobile
  • More space for extra gear
  • More space to move
  • Less risk of an injury
  • More protection from the wind
  • Kill zones are larger


  • You can’t see as far
  • Ground Blinds are more likely to carry your scent toward animals
  • Your wind generally stays at ground level
  • You’re in an animal’s line of sight
  • Shots are generally on a flat plane, which isn’t as safe
  • Thicker cover becomes more of a problem with a blind

What to Consider When Buying a Hunting Blind


If several hunters or a hunter and a cameraman have to share the blind during a hunting session then a large blind is obviously what you want to be comfortable with. The best hunting blind for two hunters has a width of about 60 x 60 inches and a standing height of 54 to 64 inches. The floor of the blind should be at least large enough for one or two folding chairs and the equipment of the hunter(s), with a view of at least 180 to 270 degrees.

Head Count

Windows and Mesh Screens

The more viewing and shooting opportunities a blind offers, the more useful it is to a hunter. The window styles of hunting blinds vary in features and styles. Adjustability, ease of use, and noise reduction are the most important attributes. Of course, the height of the windows can vary from blind to blind, so you should always consider the type of weapon you plan to use.

Windows of a Hunting Blind

It is important that all windows and door(s) are positioned at the correct height, also if you are a using a bow then you want your blind to be high enough so you can stand upright. The best hunting blinds for bow hunters are designed with elongated corner windows. Most blinds feature mesh screens. These screens are designed so that bow hunters and crossbow hunters can shoot through them, making the windows blend in better.

Portability and weight

How much a hunting blind weighs is, of course, essential to the hunter’s comfort of movement. We believe that the best blinds are portable and easy to move and set up. Fortunately, most blinds today come with a backpack or carrying case, but not all. If you are traveling long distances, the heavier blinds may not be the wisest choice.

Portability and weight

Material and durability

The best hunting blinds are heavy weather resistant. You also want your blind to be durable in case potential accidents happen that can cause cracks. You also want your blind to be 100% waterproof. The blinds in this article are made from robust fabrics that are both lightweight and durable. The best ground blinds are made of polyester.


Hunting blinds are available in numerous exterior patterns, and today it is typical for a blind to have a black-backed interior to help conceal the hunter inside. You can also buy a camouflage kit to make sure your blind has all the exterior camouflage it needs. You can of course also use leaves and twigs to do this.

Ease of setting it up

Hunting Blinds come with ground stakes and in most cases nylon tie ropes. We recommend that you secure the blind well, especially on stormy days. Pop up blinds are the easiest to set up.

Best Hunting Blinds in 2022 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1

The best hunting blinds come in a convenient and lightweight carrying bag with a zipper and straps. This allows the hunter to easily transport the blind. These carrying bags also often have one or more compartments to store ground stakes and rope. In most hunting blind carrying bags, the main zippered compartment accommodates a small folding stool.

Type of Arms

Of course, it is also important to consider what type of weapons you want to hunt with from the blind. A blind in which a pair of hunters with a compound bow can easily sit side by side may not be large enough for two hunters with a crossbow, who need more space. Space is especially important for crossbow hunters. Most blinds listed in this article are suitable for bow hunters, crossbow hunters, and gun and rifle hunters.

14 best crossbows in 2022.

Type of Arms

Rules and regulations

Hunting blinds or some types of blind may not be legal in all areas, check the hunting laws in the place you want to hunt before using a deer hunting blind. You can read about the hunting laws regarding hunting blinds in your state here.


You want to have the opportunity to sit down in your hub blind during a long hunting session. There are several styles of chairs for blinds available. You could go for a basic small camping folding chair. They come cheap and are lightweight but they do not offer long-term seating comfort, so they are more suited for shorter hunting sessions(a couple of hours).

For long hunting sessions(12 hrs/multiple days) we recommend a comfortable and fully adjustable swivel chair. Some hunting blinds come with pre-installed chairs. The best swivel blind chair is definitely the CHAMA All-Terrain Swivel Chair. It is the best hunting chair in terms of function, versatility, durability, and comfort. It comes with a heavy-duty travel bag.

CHAMA Pursuit Chair & Travel Bag - Wolf Gray All-Terrain 360 Degree Swivel Seat Hunting Chair - Each Leg Adjusts for Optimal Height and Level - Easily Converts to a Hunting Stool
  • Purposefully built for Outdoors-People - Whether you are hunting, camping, or just relaxing, we have a Chama chair designed to meet your needs for function, versatility, durability and comfort; All chairs include heavy duty travel bag
  • All Terrain Swivel Chair - The Chama Pursuit Chair swivels 360 degrees, levels to any terrain with telescoping legs, and converts to a stool by removing the backrest; Heavy duty fabric provides hours of comfort and support; Weighing in at just 7.5 lbs, it’s lightweight and easy to bring along
  • 360 Swivel is smooth - You can shoot in any direction without standing or excessive movement; Note 360 Swivel lock is tight and loosens upon first use
  • Specs - Weight: 7.5 lbs, 7 lbs as stool; Seat: each side 22.5 in; Seat height: 20 in to 24 in; Backrest: 20 in x 11.75 in; Total height: 33 in to 36 in; Max weight limit: 300 lbs; Travel Bag length: 28.5 in
  • 1 Year Warranty - We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best products possible, but when the unexpected happens, we will work with you to make it right; Customer satisfaction is our number one priority

The Strutter Chair by Browning Camping is a durable, low-profile chair that keeps you low to the ground, hidden, and also comfortable while waiting for the next bird to come along. It is sturdy, durable, and most importantly comfortable and affordable.

Browning Strutter Camo Turkey Hunting Chair with Foldable Low Profile Compact Design, Durable Steel Frame, and Padded Shoulder Carry Strap and Carry Bag
  • COMFORTABLE folding chair with arms makes a perfect low-profile hunting blind chair for long sits hunting turkey and other game
  • POWDER-COATED STEEL frame, take this durable yet lightweight and compact chair out without fear
  • CAMOUFLAGE outdoor chair featuring Mossy Oak Country DNA and Realtree Timber camo patterns
  • SHOULDER CARRY strap with padding and carry bag mean this turkey chair makes a great camping chair, ice fishing chair, and all-purpose travel chair on trips
  • MORE COMFORT model features an extra-wide seat for your trail feathers

Extra Accessories

The interior of most hunting blinds comes with wall pockets so you can store hunting equipment and other accessories. You can also buy bow hanging systems(some blinds offer a hanging system for the bow), concealment kits, rests, camera mounts, etc.

How to set up a hunting blind

Where you place the hunting blind is obviously very important for a successful hunt. The best option is a permanent hunting blind. Of course, this is usually only possible on private land. It is ideal because animals that live in the area will become accustomed to the blind’s presence, greatly increasing your chances of success. Most hunters use a temporary, pop-up hub-style blind to hide. It is very important to strategically place the hide where there is a large viewing angle and where the hunter has the best chance of a successful kill.

We recommend that you set up the hunting blind against a tree line or dense bush. If you want your ground blind to be an elevated blind then you can set it up on a hay bale. It is helpful to keep in mind where the sun will rise. Place the blind in an area where you are not looking directly into the sun, as this could interfere with your shooting. What is also important to consider is that you open the windows only as far as necessary to get a safe shot with the hunting weapon being used.

It is important to integrate the hunting blind into the environment. Hiding your blind efficiently is especially important if you want to hunt deer or other big game. We also recommend that you study the animals and the environment before choosing your spot.

How to maintain a ground blind

Anti-UV spray

We strongly recommend that you spray the outside of your hunting blind with an anti-UV spray. This spray protects the outside of the blind from the influence of the sun, which can damage the material over time. After you applied the anti-UV spray, apply a water repellent spray to the entire roof and to the top of the windows. This will help the blind to better repel water.

How to fix small tears and stitching holes

If and small cracks or stitch holes develop in the fabric of your blind then shoe goop can be a solution. Shoe Goop is a rubbery glue that becomes pliable on rubber, nylon, canvas, and various types of plastic. Be sure to dry the blind long enough before storing it again.

When your hunting blind gets wet

Your hunting blind should be stored in a dry place. If your hunting blind is wet, then it should be removed from its carrying case. Wipe off the water with a towel. If it is ever necessary to store the blind wet in the field due to rainy weather, then it is necessary to set the blind up to dry as soon as possible after hunting, to prevent mold growth.

Maintain the zippers

In case dirt gets between the blind’s zippers then we recommend rinsing the zippers with water. You can do this with a bottle of water or a spray. If you find that the zippers are difficult to open and close then we recommend applying unscented soap to the teeth of the zippers.

Hunting blinds that are most suited for Deer Hunting

There are many hunting blinds that are suited for deer hunting, both elevated hunting blinds and ground blinds are suitable. The best hunting blind for deer hunting would be a portable hub-style ground blind. You can also use a boxed blind or a tree stand.

13 tips for deer hunting.

Brands that Make the Best Hunting Blinds


Ameristep Logo

Ameristep has been providing the hunting community with high-quality blinds and accessories for over 20 years. Ameristep is an innovator in the industry that is constantly looking for new solutions to help hunters disappear. The versatile mobility in all of their product designs allows you to choose the right location and not the location that is most convenient. Once you’re there, simplified assemblies allow you to quickly build and take advantage of the moment. Their blinds often have a ton of features to eliminate elements such as smell, sound, and reflection to ensure you stay hidden.

Barronett Blinds


Barronett makes the best large hunting blinds so there is enough room for multiple hunters. As they themselves often say. “After all, the hunt you’ll remember most is the one you share with others.” Thanks to their clever hub blind technology and high-quality lightweight fabric, Barronet’s large blinds remain highly portable and easy to set up. Barronet blinds also give you the ability to shoot standing up, which is especially important in archery. If you hunt from a Barronett Blind, don’t silhouette yourself by opening too many windows, wear black so your movements can’t be seen against the solid black inner coating, and let the blind do the rest.

Primos Hunting


Primos is one of the older brands that has been providing the hunting community with excellent hunting equipment for decades. The story of Primos began when a young boy named Will Primos was growing up in Jackson, Mississippi in 1958. Will loved to go duck hunting with the older boys in the family. When it finally came, he was hooked on hunting for life. Will turned his hobby into his job and he founded Primos Hunting. A legendary journey began that helped an entire generation become better hunters.

Today, Primos Hunting is one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing the best hunter blinds for deer, turkey, elk, predators, and waterfowl. Their principle is to make great products made by hunters, for hunters.

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