The Best Quiver: Hip, Back and Bow Mounted Quivers in 2022 – Reviews, Ratings and Buyer’s Guide

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Quivers are one of the most useful accessories you can get for your bow, but what’s actually the best quiver for you? We’ve been getting some questions regarding quivers and instead of replying to individual questions, we decided to put together a quiver buying guide and tested more than 100 quivers to compile a list of the best hip quivers, best back quivers, and best bow-mounted quivers.

You’ve either found this post because you’re looking for an upgrade for your current quiver, or your bow didn’t even come with a quiver, or maybe you were on a budget and couldn’t afford a proper quiver at that time, either way, we’ve got you covered! We’ll explain everything you need to know about quivers and then we’ll list our best recommendations including detailed reviews.

Our Best Quiver Recommendations

Best Hip Quiver
Easton Elite Takedown Quiver
Best Back Quiver
Kratarc Multi-Function Quiver
Best Bow Mounted Quiver
Easton Elite Takedown Hip Quiver with Belt Gray RH
GenericJINCHENGYU YSECTL Kratarc 4-Tubes Back Arrow Quiver Field Quiver Recurve Bow Holder Bag Archery Shoulder Hanged Carry for Shooting (Black)
MATHEWS 6 Arrow Black HD Quiver
Broadheads Accepted?
Price not available
Best Hip Quiver
Easton Elite Takedown Quiver
Easton Elite Takedown Hip Quiver with Belt Gray RH
Broadheads Accepted?
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Best Back Quiver
Kratarc Multi-Function Quiver
GenericJINCHENGYU YSECTL Kratarc 4-Tubes Back Arrow Quiver Field Quiver Recurve Bow Holder Bag Archery Shoulder Hanged Carry for Shooting (Black)
Broadheads Accepted?
Price not available
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Best Bow Mounted Quiver
MATHEWS 6 Arrow Black HD Quiver
Broadheads Accepted?
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Quivers: Why do I need one?

Many archers feel that having something on your shoulder, on your back, or mounted to your bow is somewhat restricting and impede your archery skills. However, what they fail to notice is that a quiver is there to protect the arrows so that you can reuse them until they eventually cannot be used anymore.

Back Quiver Classic

Faster draw!

When you are into hunting, and you choose to go on a hunting trip with your bow, you are going to have to be fast in the case that you miss your first shot. When you are in the middle of the hunt, it is normal to become excited when you finally see your prey. You need to be able to act fast and when you have your arrows in a quiver, you will be able to react fast and give it to them. Any hesitation and you will lose the animal altogether.

When you have a quiver, you can easily reach behind you and pull out the arrow quickly. This will allow you to have the upper hand on it all and be able to get the kill. That is the most important part of hunting and without something to allow you to be fast on the draw, you will have a harder and longer time trying to kill that animal.

Protects your arrows!

This of course is a given, but you will be surprised at how many people take a lot of arrows with them to compensate for their aim that they lay them on the ground next to them. When they get too excited and actually hit something, they forget where the arrows are and they eventually step on them and break them. With a quiver, you won’t have that problem. You simply reach, grab it, set it, pull and release it when required. When you do this, you will be able to get that animal without a problem!

Bearpaw quiver

How to Find the Best Quiver for your needs?

If you are into target shooting or hunting, it is your responsibility to give your equipment the utmost care it deserves. This is why archery quivers are very useful. Their purpose is not only to store your most valuable arrows but also to protect you and the people around you from harm or injury. Quivers are typically made from leather, wood, furs, bark, and other indigenous materials.

So what type of quiver should you get? In this section, we’ll be going over the features of a quiver and what you need to look for.

Hip Quivers

Many times hunters prefer not to have their quiver attached to their bow in any way and choose the hip quiver instead. If you’re into hunting though, this type may not be advisable for you because you may have a hard time going through densely forested areas or thick bushes.

Photo of a Hip Quiver

Most target shooters also like to use a hip quiver because they can conveniently keep their arrows by their side. Normally, this product is attached with a loop for your belt and also has a strap for the thigh. They can be very artistic or simple, yet are very easy to remove.

Back Quivers

The back quiver, or backpack quiver, is probably the most recognizable and is very popular with traditional bowhunters. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and can be customized or plain and simple. The shooter can quickly reach behind his head and retrieve his next arrow.

The Best Quiver: Hip, Back and Bow Mounted Quivers in 2022 – Reviews, Ratings and Buyer’s Guide 1

Bow Mounted Quivers

Some bow quivers are attached permanently while others can be detached very easily. I highly recommend the detachable ones because you can easily take away the weight from the bow before you shoot. They’re not so popular with hunters though.

A permanent solid mount bow quiver is attached to your bow about mid-way (to minimize the imbalance of the bow). They are usually made very quiet with special materials to keep the arrows from rattling. They give shooters quick access to their arrows. Hunters who use bows in open areas often prefer this type of quiver.

Fully equipped bow including quiver

The detachable bow quiver has become very popular with bowhunters. This product attaches to the bow, yet can also be easily removed. It makes easy access & transport for the arrows, yet can be removed if the hunter uses a tree stand or hunting blind while hunting.


Another thing to ponder about when selecting a quiver is the size. Evidently, you don’t need a big one if you do not have plenty of equipment to store. Find out first how many arrows a specific case can hold before you actually purchase one. Some quivers can hold as much as 30 while others can only hold about 2 or 3.


The last thing you have to consider is the quiver’s durability and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Traditional style hip/back quivers are made from leather, while modern hip or back quivers are usually made from polyester fabric.

Quiver with arrows

Best Quivers – Reviews and Ratings

Best Hip Quivers

Easton Elite Takedown Hip Quiver

Our top pick for hip quivers is the Easton Elite Takedown hip quiver. Easton Archery is known for their extremely reliable and durable arrows, but they also manufacture other high-quality archery equipment. Easton Archery offers a variety of hip quivers with the Elite Takedown being their most “functionally diverse” hip quiver.

Easton Elite Takedown

The adjustable Easton Elite Takedown quiver has anything you’ll want from a hip quiver. It’s sturdy, has multiple pockets and dual accessory attachment rings so you can store/attach any accessories you might want to bring with you. The fleece-lined interior has removable arrow dividers for quiet and customized arrow management.

Included is the deluxe quiver belt with a T-style buckle it’s adjustable from 18” to 47” and it allows the quiver to separate from the belt loop for easy storage. Unfortunately, the release pouch is optional and is sold separately. It is a magnetic-closure pouch that’s very useful to have. The Easton Elite Takedown hip quiver is available for right-handed and left-handed people.

The whole Forgotten Hunter team uses an Easton Takedown hip quiver for target shooting! We absolutely love it!

Easton Elite Takedown Hip Quiver with Belt Gray RH
  • Made in United States
  • Package height :50.9 cm
  • Package length :13.6 cm
  • Package width :38.1 cm
  • Package weight :1.021 kg
Easton Elite Takedown Hip Quiver with Belt Black LH
  • Package length: 14.0"
  • Package width: 1.0"
  • Package height: 3.0"
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

Sportsman’s Outdoor Products Tarantula T400 Quiver System

Another comfortable and durable hip quiver is the Tarantula T400 by Sportsman’s Outdoor Products. This quiver is 20 inches long and includes a release bag, bow hook, and a fanny pack.

Chris’ wife uses his old T400 hip quiver for target shooting and she’s very happy with it. She’s pretty small, so this quiver fits smaller people and taller people. Included is a padded form fit belt for extra comfort.

Sportsman’s Outdoor Products offers the Tarantula T400 for right-handed and left-handed shooters. The Tarantula T400 hip quiver is not suited for arrows with broadheads, which means you should only use this quiver for target practice.

Note: The colors on Amazon are not correct. The actual colors are as shown above; Khaki with Camo.

Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula T400 Quiver System (Right Handed, Camo)
  • Padded form fit belt
  • Includes T400 Quiver
  • 20 inches long
  • Release bag, bow hook, fannypack
Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula T400 Quiver System Left Handed, Black
  • Padded form fit belt
  • Includes T400 Quiver
  • 20 inches long
  • Release bag, bow hook, fannypack

Easton Flipside 4-Tube Hip Quiver

Easton designed a very useful quiver for any archer; the Easton Flipside 4-tube hip quiver. This hip quiver has a unique design with a reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use. This means that a left-handed and a right-handed shooter can use this quiver by reversing a hook and the pockets.

Easton Flipside 4-tube

This high-quality hip quiver is designed to hold arrows in separate durable injection-molded tubes. It’s possible to stack a dozen arrows in these 4 tubes, but it’s also possible to store 4 arrows with broadheads in a separate tube each!

The Easton Flipside 4-Tube hip quiver features an integrated T-square, pen slots, and multiple accessory attachment rings.

Easton Flipside 4-Tube Hip Quiver, Black, Left/Right
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use
  • Includes arrow separator tubes, integrated bow square slot and one size fits most quiver belt
  • Color is Black

Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver

If you’re looking for a simple quiver for target practice or hunting, then the Easton Flipside 3-Tube hip quiver might be more for you! This version of the Flipside quiver has fewer storage compartments/pockets and a tubeless than the Flipside 4-Tube hip quiver.

This quiver also utilizes the same unique design with a reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use. Obviously, you can only store 3 arrows with broadheads and due to the lack of extra pockets, there isn’t much storage.

The Easton Flipside 3-Tube hip quiver comes with an integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt clip attachment, and bow square slot.

Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver, Black, Left/Right
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous Use
  • Integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt Clip attachment and Bow square slot
  • Three tube design to keep arrows organized
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use
  • Integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt clip attachment and bow square slot

Kratarc 3-Tubes Hip Quiver

Also making our top 5 best hip quiver list is the Kratarc 3-Tubes hip quiver. It’s a high-quality basic hip quiver for right-handed people only. This hip quiver is the cheapest option available on this list but offers anything an archer might need.

The quiver is made from reinforced oxford fabric and the tubes are plastic. The length of the Kratarc 3-Tubes hip quiver is about 17.5 inches and has an adjustable belt. Multiple pockets offer plenty of storage for accessories. You can either stack a dozen arrows with field points in the tubes or 1 arrow with a broadhead per separate tube.

Note: Amazon still shows “Krayney” hip quiver, but they’ve changed their name and they’re now called “Kratarc Archery”. It’s exactly the same quiver, just a name change.

Kratarc 3-Tubes Hip Quiver Waist Hanged Arrow Archery Carry Bag with Pockets Adjustable Belt (Black)
  • Size: length approx. 17.5in. The width of belt: 1.5in. Adjustable length.
  • High quality: reinforced oxford fabric with adjustable belt and quality zippers, firm and durable.
  • Multipurpose: 3 plastic tubes help store the arrows separately and methodically, and you can attach some interesting patch you like to hook & loop tape. Multiple pockets for your convenience.
  • Adjustable belt & Removable tubes: Handy and adjustable belt, it is easy to put on/off. And easy to take off with the plastic buckle.
  • Oxford Fabric material, light and compact. Great accessory for shooting and target practice.

Best Back Quivers

Kratarc Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Arrow Quiver

Kratarc Archery also has a couple of spots on our best back quiver list. First, their Kratarc Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Arrow Quiver is a complete back quiver with 2 extra pockets. The tubes have a diameter of 1.2 inches which means that it only takes field points.

Kratarc fitted their multi-function 4-tubes back quiver with a 3 point fixation, so it’s adjustable to fit anyone’s preference. During our testing of this quiver, we all agreed that it’s a very comfortable back quiver.

The quiver is made from 600D graded oxford fabric with quality zippers and offers some protection against the weather.

Wyandotte Leather Large Center Back Quiver

Wyandotte offers a high-quality back quiver that’s made in a classical style. The Wyandotte leather large center back quiver is made from leather and looks old-school.

Everything about this quiver is high quality and made to last! Completely made from quality smooth leather and finished with tough machine stitching. The accessory pocket is also made from leather and is fitted with a durable and long-lasting zipper.

This quiver is adjustable so it can be easily fitted to anyone’s preference. You can store a dozen arrows in this quiver and the bottom is sturdy enough for broadheads as well.

TopArchery Back Quiver

The TopArchery quiver is a high-quality quiver with multiple front pockets. This quiver also uses a 3-point fixation so this quiver is adjustable to fit both right and left-handed people. A smaller accessory pocket at the top and a bigger pocket below offer plenty of storage room.

With a length of 21.6 inches, this back quiver should hold arrows of any size. It’s possible to store a couple of dozen arrows with field tips. It’s possible to store a couple of arrows with broadheads, but don’t stuff the quiver full. It’s still made from polyester fabric, a high-quality broadhead will cut right through the material with the right amount of pressure.

Overall, this TopArchery back quiver should accommodate most archers. It features plenty of storage. The brand TopArchery is known for its excellent customer service!

TOPARCHERY Archery Back Canvas Arrow Quiver Arrow Holder Shoulder Hanged Target Shooting Quiver for Arrows with Front Pockets (New Style)
  • Heavy duty design: made of 900D polyester fabric. High wearproof and multi-function.
  • Size: length approx. 21.6inch. Width:6 inch. It can hold approx 30 target arrows.
  • Three-points carry system. Lightweight and comfortable. Easy to carry and take off, Accommodates arrows of any length.
  • Large front storage pocket with quality zipper. It can hold your arm guard, arrows puller and other archery accesories.
  • Suitable for both Left & Right Hand.Perfect for shooting, hunting, target practice and so on.

Kratarc Archery Dual Use Leather Back Arrow Quiver Hip Quiver

Kratarc also offers a high-quality and comfortable dual-use leather quiver. With the included adjustable strap and handy belt clip, you can carry the quiver over the shoulder or easily clip it to your belt. Its interior is made from leather and the exterior has a polyurethane coating. This coating helps protect the quiver from the weather and other deteriorating processes.

Kratarc Archery Dual Use Leather Back Arrow Quiver Hip Quiver

The quiver itself is 21.2 inches in length and has divider strips, so the arrows have their own space. It’s possible to fit a total of about 20 arrows with field tips. The bottom of the quiver has some extra padding to prevent some damage, it’s possible to store arrows with broadheads. Keep it to 3, don’t stuff the quiver full with arrows with broadheads.

This Kratarc dual-use quiver also has a front storage pouch that offers plenty of storage for your accessories. Overall, it’s a comfortable, high-quality quiver with plenty of storage for your arrows and accessories. What more can you ask for?

KRATARC Archery Dual Use Leather Back Arrow Quiver Hip Quiver Waist Hang Side with Adjustable Strap Belt Clip (Black)
  • Size: approx. 21.3inches length
  • High-quality Material: the interior layer is leather, the exterior is pu coating. With metal clasps, firm and durable
  • Dual use: adjustable strap and handy belt clip, fit most sizes and easy to use
  • Front storage pouch: can hold arrows puller, archery glove and other accessories. Padded bottom and dividing Strip in the inner of the quiver to prevent wearing
  • Elegant and comfortable design. Perfect for shooting, hunting, target pratice and so on

G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver with Molle System

Last on our list of best back quivers is the G4Free Back Quiver with Molle System. The quiver uses a three-point fixation so the quiver can easily be adjusted for right or left-handed people.

While it’s not made from leather, the oxford fabric is still pretty durable and is water-resistant. Because it’s not made from leather, the quiver itself is pretty lightweight.

The length of the quiver is about 22 inches and offers storage for up to 30 arrows with field tips. With a large front storage pouch, this quiver also offers plenty of storage for your accessories.

G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver Deluxe Canvas Arrow Holder Shoulder Hanged Hunting Target Quiver (Black with Tactical Patch)
  • Made of Oxford fabric, a durable material, water-resistant
  • Size: length approx. 21.7inch. Three-points carry system. Lightweight and comfortable, it can hold about 30 arrows (others can hold 24 arrows only)
  • Easy to carry and take off, Accommodates arrows of any length
  • Large front storage pocket with quality zipper. It can hold your arm guard, arrows puller, and other archery accessories
  • Suitable for both Left and Right Hands. Perfect for shooting, hunting, target practice, and so on. Package: 1x arrow quiver, 1x tactical embroidered Velcro patch. Best gift for your family and friend.

Best Bow Mounted Quivers


The Mathews 6-Arrow WEB Harmonic Dampening Series quiver is very silent and adjustable so it can hold any size of arrows. This quiver has a quick detach option so you can easily and silently take it off your bow without the need for tools.

Mathews 6-Arrow WEB Harmonic Dampening Series quiver

This Mathews WEB HD series quiver fits most expandable broadheads and fixed blade broadheads with a size of 1-1/8” and under. We used 31-inch Bloodsport Hunter Extreme arrows with field tips and rage broadheads, the quiver fitted both with ease.

During our tests, we all rated the Mathews 6-Arrow Web HD series as the best bow-mounted quiver currently available. It’s lightweight, very silent, and rock-solid! Do note that some bows might require a spacer for this quiver to properly mount to your bow.

MATHEWS 6 Arrow Black HD Quiver

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2, Two-piece 5 Arrow Quiver

The Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 is a two-piece compound bow quiver that has built-in led lights. The green led lights are a nice addition, but they definitely don’t make or break the deal. This quiver is very sturdy that fits most arrow lengths and diameters.

The Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 can hold 5 standard or micro shaft size arrows using the customizable dual arrow grippers. Both field tips and broadheads can be fitted on this quiver.

While the led lights aren’t a deal maker or breaker, it’s a handy tool to have when you’re in low-light situations. Overall, it’s a sturdy and lightweight quiver.

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece 5 Arrow Quiver, Black
  • Two-piece 5 arrow quiver design with LED lights
  • Built-in LED lights illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light
  • Smaller hood design perfect for hunters who do not remove the quiver from the bow
  • Customizable dual arrow grippers
  • Easily attaches to a bow with multiple mounting posts

Apex Gear Reactor LTE, 5 Arrow Quiver

A while back we were looking for a quiver to hold our Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows and we eventually settled on the Apex Gear Reactor LTE quiver. The Easton FMJ has a small diameter and this quiver holds them perfectly snug.

Apex Gear Reactor LTE

Mounting the Apex Gear Reactor LTE to a compound bow is very easy. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and also some spacers. This quiver fits all arrow shaft diameters and both field tips and broadheads.

Unfortunately, the Apex Gear Reactor LTE does not come with a hanging loop. It is however a quick detach quiver, so it’s best if you fabricate your own hanging loop or get another mounting bracket that you can install on your tree stand.

The Apex Gear Reactor LTE quiver is lightweight, sturdy, quiet and secure the arrows pretty tight.

Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver, Realtree Xtra Camo, (AG235J)
  • Five arrow quiver
  • Quick and quiet arrow removal
  • Features a height adjoined states table mounting bracket
  • Fits all arrow shaft diameters
  • Sport type: hunting

G5 Outdoors Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver

Another very silent quiver is the G5 Outdoors Head-Loc 6-arrow quiver. This quiver has been designed to reduce noise and vibrations as much as possible. “The Head-Loc rubber compression technology acts as an isolator between the quiver and the bow, greatly reducing noise and vibration.”

It also comes with a rubber quick detach mechanism. Although this mechanism keeps the noise to an absolute minimum, it wears out pretty quick when you take the quiver off your bow a lot. The G5 Head-Loc quiver holds the arrows very securely and fits both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

Another feature that might be a drawback is the low-profile design. Although this allows the quiver to sit close to the bow, it might offer some clearance issues depending on your setup.

The Head-Loc quiver holds 6 arrows, is available in pink, black, Realtree AP, and Lost Camo, and includes a free tree mount.

709860 G5 Head-Loc Quiver 6-Arrow Black 975-blk
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: G5
  • G5 head-loc quiver 6-arrow black 975-blk
  • Head-Loc Rubber Compression Quiver Bracket
  • Fits Fixed and Mechanical Broadheads

Treelimb Quivers Premium Series 5-Arrow Compound Bow Quiver

Another premium compound bow quiver is the Treelimb Quivers Premium Series compound bow quiver. This high-quality quiver has a machine aluminum frame, features a rubber mounting post silencer, and features a quick-detach mounting system.

Treelimb Quivers has a patented Broadhead capture system that accepts fixed and mechanical broads and securely holds any size and diameter arrows.

The Treelimb Quivers Premium Series Quiver is proudly made and assembled in the USA!

Best Budget Quivers

TRUGLO Tuff-Loc 4-Arrow Black Quiver (TG344B)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - The TruGlo TUFF-LOC is an ultra-lightweight composite quiver that weights less than 7 oz; It can withstand harsh conditions of the outdoors and endure the rigors of the hunt, including accidental bumps against trees or rocks
  • VIBRATION-FREE - This hunting bow quiver is vibration absorbing which ensures the arrows remain steady and quiet even during movement; The rubber hood insert reduces noise and won't dull broadheads; Its contrasting color helps reflect light for visibility
  • FOUR ARROW CAPACITY - With its capacity to hold 4 arrows, this quiver ensures you have an ample supply of ammunition within easy reach; This bow hunting quiver is also left-hand convertible - it fits both left and right-handed bows
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - This archery quiver features thumb-tab style gripper design that allows quick and quiet arrow removal; It also has quick-release CAM-LOCK mounting system for easy, smooth, and quiet one-hand removal - locks securely for added stability
  • ARROW COMPATIBILITY - The Tuff-Loc bow hunting quiver from TruGlo is compatible with both carbon and aluminum arrows with shafts .229 in. diameter and larger; It fits both mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads; Compatible with most crossbows
Allen Company Youth Archery Compact Back Arrow Quiver, Orange/Black
  • Youth sized archery arrow quiver
  • Sling style can be worn across the back
  • Adjustable strap
  • Holds up to 14 arrows
  • Designed to keep arrows in place
EOUS Archery Arrow Holder Youth Quiver for Kids Arrow Quiver Back and Hip Quivers Side Hip Arrow Bag,BLACK
  • Arrow Quiver strap can be easily adjusted from 15" to about 36", to fit Youth, Childs, Kids, Boys, Girls, and Adults shooters.
  • Back Quiver, shoulder strap to wear it sling style. Hip Quiver, Side Quiver, it can be hanged waist with a convenient clip on pants or belt hole. Hold arrows hanging on wall as well.
  • Quiver length about 19 inch, the archery quiver can be arrow holder for 20-30 pcs target practicing arrows up to 32 inch long, for recurve bow, compound bow, traditional bow and longbow arrows.
  • Arrow bag made of tough and soft oxford fabric material, durable, lightweight, waterproof, and it's foldable, easy to carry outdoor, comes in classic Black color.
  • Padded shoulder strap for extra comfort. Hardened bottom preventing tearing from the arrow points and breathable bottom.
KRATARC Archery 2 Tube Hip Arrow Quiver Waist Hanged Carry Bag with Hook for Shooting (Black)
  • Size: length approx. 18", the diameter of the tube: approx.1.2inch
  • Two plastic tubes design: durable and good scratch resistant
  • Handy belt clip: connect the belt quickly
  • High quality: Oxford fabric with two plastic tubes
  • Package Contents: 1xquiver. Perfect for shooting and target practice

FAQ About Quivers

Is there a difference between recurve and compound bow quivers?

There should be no difference between a recurve and compound bow quiver. A bow-mounted quiver has mounting points that you can use to attach it to your bow. If your bow has mounting points, it will hold the quiver.

Which quiver is best for hunting?

Which quiver you prefer is up to you. A bow-mounted quiver might be useful if you’re already carrying a backpack. We prefer to use a quick-detach bow-mounted quiver while on a hunting trip.

Which quiver is best for target shooting?

Again, it’s all up to the user’s preference. We recommend using a back quiver for target shooting. You can easily reach for your arrows and the quiver will not hinder you or your bow. If you’re planning to go on a hunting trip, we highly recommend using the setup that you will be using during your hunting trip.

How many arrows does a quiver hold?

A hip or back quiver can hold anywhere from 2 to up to 30 arrows. A bow-mounted quiver typically holds 6 or less. There are exceptions of course.

Please consider the weight of the quiver when you add more arrows. This can greatly hinder your performance and maneuverability.

Final Thoughts

A quiver is not only a nice pouch to put your arrows in, it also keeps them from becoming damaged. There is nothing worse than a broken arrow. The arrow is your ammunition and you need to always handle it with care. That is why having a quiver that is going to protect them in the first place is a smart idea to get. You don’t want to blow your chances of getting that 12 point buck on the dinner table or risk having a perfect score because you didn’t take proper care of your arrows.

Hopefully, our list has helped you find the best quiver for your needs. Having the right quiver is the best thing that you could ever do. Do everything you can to protect your arrows and they will be more durable than you had first expected!

Target shooting with bow mounted quiver

Take care of your equipment and happy hunting!

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