CenterPoint CP400 Crossbow Review – Cheap & Compact Crossbow

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CenterPoint Archery released the CenterPoint CP400 back in early 2019. It’s a crossbow that has HeliCoil Technology to perfectly balance the cams.

An affordable alternative to a Ravin crossbow! CenterPoint has bought a license for the famous HeliCoil technology from Ravin, so CenterPoint uses the technology of the Ravin crossbows! This HeliCoil technology ensures high speeds and great accuracy! Because of the HeliCoil technology, the cam can rotate 340°, making this a high speed and high accuracy crossbow!

CenterPoint Archery CP400 Official Video

Ravin has actually been bought out by CenterPoint (Velocity Outdoor) back in 2018. So, it’s a great move by CenterPoint to actually use the HeliCoil technology on their crossbows as well.

Usually crossbows sporting the HeliCoil technology like the Ravin R29X Crossbow, can cost up to $3000. Right now, the CenterPoint CP400 can be bought for less than $800!

CenterPoint CP400 Crossbow Features

CenterPoint CP400
CenterPoint CP400 Crossbow Review - Cheap & Compact Crossbow 1CenterPoint CP400 Crossbow Review - Cheap & Compact Crossbow 2
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7.8 lbs.

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
10.5" / 6"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
200 lbs.

Extra Features:
HeliCoil Technology, Anti-dry fire and auto safety, adjustable stock

Size and Weight

The CenterPoint CP400 measures 10.5 inches wide uncocked, 6 inches wide cocked and 31.75 inches in length. The CenterPoint CP400 is one of the most compact crossbows that has been released. 6 inches wide cocked is nothing! The CP400 is great for maneuvering in small spaced or a hunting blind.

The adjustable butt stock allows you to adjust this crossbow perfectly to your arm’s length. The stock itself is made of lightweight but very strong composite. Nice detail is that you can flip the stirrup and use it as a stand.

Speed and Arrows

The CenterPoint CP400 can shoot arrows at 400FPS, as the name might’ve already suggested… Hitting your target at 100 yards shouldn’t be a problem at all with this crossbow.

As mentioned before, this crossbow features HeliCoil technology for higher speeds and better accuracy. It’s a really nice feature that CenterPoint Archery supplied with this bow and at an affordable price!

CenterPoint recommends to use the supplied 20-inch carbon arrows to fully utilize the CP400’s power and accuracy. High performance carbon shafts with improved wall thickness for added durability. Tight weight and straightness tolerances. Arrows come fletched with 4″ vanes and half-moon nocks assembled.

Don’t try to shoot groups with the CenterPoint CP400! You’ll definitely ruin a lot of arrows!!!

Don’t try to shoot groups with this bow! You’ll definitely ruin a lot of arrows!!!


CenterPoint equipped the CP400 with a 3x32mm illuminated scope. This 3x32 Illuminated Reticle Scope is not only a red or green 3 dot sight, but also has multiple reticles for dependable placement when you need it most.

The scope has aim points from 20 to 100 yards in 10 yards increments. Once you sight in the scope at 20 yards, you should be able to perfectly hit your target at 100 yards out with the recommended arrows. Not many crossbow manufacturers can back those claims up, but the CenterPoint CP400 does!

Assembling and Disassembling

Initial assembly of the CP400 is quite easy. First you have to install the foot stirrup with a bolt. Make sure to recheck the screws for tightness. After assembling the stirrup, you can install the quiver bracket at either side of the crossbow. Finish assembly of the crossbow by installing the scope.

Sight the scope at 20 yards and your CP400 crossbow is ready for hunting!

Fold the foot-stirrup and use it as a stand! Easily place your crossbow anywhere you want.

Fold the foot-stirrup and use it as a stand! Easily place your CenterPoint CP400 crossbow anywhere you want.


The CenterPoint CP400 is easy to cock with the supplied rope cocker. The CP400 has 200 lbs. of draw weight, using the rope cocker will half the amount of force you have to use to cock the crossbow. So, you’ll need about 100 lbs. of draw weight to cock the crossbow.

Overall, the CenterPoint cocks pretty smooth. The string doesn’t lift off of the rail as the sled and rope anchor point force it down to the rail.

CenterPoint currently does not offer a crank cocking device for this crossbow. Hopefully in the future they will release one, that’ll make cocking the CP400 a bit easier. With the design of this bow, however, it is quite easy to cock with the included rope cocker.

Update: CenterPoint has placed a product page on their website displaying the upcoming CP400™ Power Draw Rope Cocking Device. Current status is: Coming Soon!

Shooting and Trigger

Actually shooting the CP400 is a lot of fun. I’ve ruined a couple of arrows when first trying out the crossbow. Trying to shoot groups at 50 to 70-yard distances will result in a lot of damaged arrows. The CP400 is extremely accurate. Be warned!

The CP400 has Anti-Dry fire and auto safety. Anti-Dry fire makes sure that you don’t accidentally shoot the crossbow without an arrow loaded.

CenterPoint failed to upgrade the trigger on the CP400. The trigger has some creep and breaks at about 7 lbs. Previous models from CenterPoint have the same issues. It seems like CenterPoint is unable or unwilling to change this.

Unfortunately, someone at CrossbowNation found out that CenterPoint will not fix or bring an update to this trigger.

Extra Features

The CenterPoint CP400 comes equipped with a MIL-SPEC AR-style rear stock that is adjustable to customize the crossbow fit.

It also comes with a CNC-machined aluminum cam system with licensed HeliCoil Technology for perfectly balanced cams. HeliCoil technology ensures higher speeds and better accuracy!

The CenterPoint also features an oversized foot-stirrup. Ideal for boots! The foot stirrup can also be used as a stand. Fold the foot stirrup and you can place your crossbow anywhere you want!

Package Contents

  • 3×32 mm Illuminated Scope
  • CNC Machined Cam System
  • Folding Stirrup
  • Aluminum Rail
  • Anti-Dry Fire and Auto Safety
  • Adjustable Tactical Stock
  • Three 20” Carbon Arrows
  • Quick-Detach Quiver
  • Rope Cocker

Unfortunately CenterPoint doesn’t deliver a case with the CP400. The complete CP400 crossbow package will cost you $130 more on amazon, while you can buy it on CenterPoint for only $100.

Pros and Cons


  • HeliCoil Technology
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety
  • Folding Stirrup
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Trigger has some creep
  • Trigger breaks at ~7 lbs.


I like everything about the CenterPoint CP400. This crossbow has great accuracy, shoots arrows at 400FPS, has a great scope, has HeliCoil technology and a folding foot stirrup!

The CenterPoint CP400 is the perfect bow for hunting in a blind or tree stand. It’s one of the most compact bows and costs less than $800. What more can you ask for?

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