Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Crossbow Review

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Review of the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Crossbow

Bryan Taylor

Sound & Vibrations


The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD is perfect if you’re looking for an easy to maintain and silent crossbow that still offers insane speeds, deadly accuracy, and is very durably!


Excalibur Crossbow continues its tradition of making crossbows that feature conventional style recurve limbs and the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Crossbow is the company’s new addition to its Micro crossbow platform.

As its name shows, the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD is a take-down variant that can rapidly be disassembled for transport as well as re-assembled without impacting the performance of the bow at all.

Excalibur says it’s “the latest addition to the most advanced Micro crossbow platform in the world!” It’s easy to take apart in two main pieces and carry it with you in a small bag or box anywhere you go. Assembling the Assassin 400TD only takes a couple of seconds.

Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Crossbow Features

Excalibur Assassin 400 TD

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7.9 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
25" / 20.5"

30" - 33"

Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
325 lbs

Extra Features:
Quick-Loc Technology, Silent Charger Crank, Tact-100 scope, premium Black Eagle Pro-Flight arrows, a 4-arrow quiver, and the Tru-Fit stock for infinite adjustment

Size and Weight

The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD only weighs 7.9 lbs. and the bow measures 20.5” when cocked and 25” uncocked, making it the narrowest in the Assassin line up. Its overall length ranges from 30-33 inches.

The adjustable Tru-Fit stock and Ambidextrous cheek piece makes it the perfect option for any hunter. The stock doesn’t feel inconvenient and bulky to the shoulder at all, and with the Tru-Fit stock, anyone can get this crossbow to feel tailor-made to their desired feel.

Speed and Arrows

The new high-output express limbs put out an amazing amount of power and extreme performance in a highly narrow form factor. The limbs are made from 100% continuous uncut fiber all the way through, providing unprecedented energy storage for maximum power and speed.

The high-output express limbs also feature Excalibur’s new Armour Tips that are attached to the limbs and are basically indestructible. These High-output express limbs generate a lot of power and can shoot arrows at 400 feet per second!

The Black Eagle Pro-Flight 16.5ʺ premium arrows are a really nice addition to this crossbow as well. The Black Eagle Pro-Flight 16.5ʺ premium arrows have a greater accuracy than previous arrows.

The previous arrows that were delivered with Excalibur’s previous models of crossbows aren’t as straight as the Black Eagle Pro-Flight arrows. The Black Eagle arrows have a tolerance of 0.01 and the older arrows have a tolerance of 0.03. This makes the Black Eagle Pro-Flight 16.5ʺ premium arrows the straightest arrows Excalibur has ever released.


The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD crossbow take-down variant comes standard with Excalibur’s charger crank. The charger is the best and safest crossbow cocking system on the market. The completely silent integrated Charger crank has the capability to silently and safely cock/de-cock your bow. The trigger box itself truly slides down the rail and links to your string, offering you a consistent latching spot each time for repeatable perfection.

The built-in cocking system is concealed in the stock and can be used for both left and right-handed users. You can also use the system to decock your crossbow. Ideal if you don’t want to shoot after cocking.

Assembling and Disassembling

Excalibur introduced the Quick-loc technology in 2019 to be standard with their new crossbows. This tech provides the capability to easily assemble your bow in just a matter of seconds. Pressing down on 1 small blue lever and pressing forward on the foot stirrup silently detaches the front side from the stock. To re-assemble, just slide the front side onto the barrel again and press the foot stirrup up, locking it with the rest of the crossbow.

Pressing down on 1 small blue lever and pressing forward on the foot stirrup silently detaches the front side from the stock.

Excalibur has proven to be a brand you can depend on for your crossbows. After assembling/disassembling the crossbow more than 50 times it still shoots arrows within a 5inch circle at 100 yards distances.

The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD comes equipped with Explore Case for convenient storage and effortless compact transportation.


Excalibur equipped the Assassin 400 TD with the TACT-100 CROSSBOW SCOPE. This scope features the New FAST POINT 100 Yard Illuminated Multi Reticle and is perfect for target shooting or long range practice.

The TACT-100 scope is really great. It has a red or green illuminated multiple crosshair system and has a perfectly tuned speed ring and yardage markers out to 100 yards. They did good to equip the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD with the TACT-100 scope.

Shooting and Trigger

The Adjustable Custom Precision trigger can be adjusted to a 1 or 2 stage configuration and comes from the company set at a three-pound pull. This lighter pull decreases the possibility that the user will jerk the bow and therefore throwing off your shots. In my opinion, offensive shooting methods are the main thing affecting most people’s accuracy and consistency.

The ACP trigger is a big upgrade in Excalibur’s crossbows. As soon as you squeeze the trigger the crossbow fires. With previous models from Excalibur you had to almost completely pull the trigger before it shot.

Package Contents

  • Tact-100 Illuminated Scope with 30mm Rings
  • PRO-SHOT Trigger
  • Anti-Dry Fire System
  • R.E.D. Suppressors
  • Sound Deadening System
  • Ambidextrous Cheek piece
  • 4 Arrow Quiver
  • 4 PRO FLIGHT 16.5″ Premium Arrows
  • 4 100gr Field Points
  • Integrated Charger with Fail-Safe Strap
  • Explore Case
  • Owner’s Manual
Excalibur Assassin 400 TD

Pros and Cons


  • Recurve Crossbow
  • Take-Down variant (easy to assemble and disassemble)
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Durable
  • ACP Trigger
  • Loads of Extra Features


  • None


While compound crossbows are a delicate ecosystem of cables, cams, pins and other components that can easily come out of tune, an Excalibur recurve crossbow only has two limbs and a string. It will always shoot straight and never let you down.

Hi-tech express limbs, Quick-loc technology make this Excalibur Assassin 400 TD Crossbow a perfection option for hunters. It provides all the basic features every crossbow hunter needs in a bow. Price is a little bit expensive but the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD is definitely worth the money!

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