Excalibur Suppressor 400TD Review – Silent, Stealth Crossbow

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Today we’ll take a look at Excalibur’s Suppressor 400TD, a stealth-type crossbow that is part of Excalibur’s Micro series. As you can probably already tell by its name this crossbow silently shoots bolts with speeds up to 400 feet per second. The Suppressor 400TD has a lot of similarities with the Assassin 400TD and Micro 340TD, which are the other crossbows in Excalibur’s 2020 line up. Like these crossbows, the Suppressor contains Quick-Loc technology that enables you to assemble/disassemble the crossbow in seconds and without losing accuracy!

The Suppressor 400TD is the most silent crossbow in the Micro series. With the Suppressor series, Excalibur really made sure to make the crossbows as quiet and vibration resistant as possible. The Suppressor 400TD comes with R.E.D.S. Suppressors, the SDS Silencing System, and Airbrakes, providing for a very quiet and calm shot.

Excalibur 2020 SUPPRESSOR 400TD

Suppressor 400TD Crossbow Features

Excalibur Suppressor 400 TD
Excalibur Suppressor 400TD  Review - Silent, Stealth Crossbow 1Excalibur Suppressor 400TD  Review - Silent, Stealth Crossbow 2
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400 FPS
388 FPS with S.D.S.

5.9 lbs w/o accessories


Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
25" / 20.5"

Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
325 lbs.

Extra Features:
SDS Silencing System and Airbrakes, High-Output Express Limbs with Armor Tips, Quick-Loc Technology, Charger EXT silent crank system

Package Contents

  • Excalibur Suppressor 400TD
  • Tact-100 illuminated scope with 30mm rings
  • R.E.D.S. Suppressors
  • Sound Dampening System
  • Air Breaks
  • 4 arrow quiver with Bracket
  • 4 ProFlight 16.5″ Premium Arrows
  • 4 100gr field points
  • Charger EXT crank with fail-safe strap
  • Owners manual

First Impressions / Size and Weight

The Suppressor 400TD has a full length of 32 inches, a width of 25 inches(axle to axle) uncocked, and 20.5 inches when cocked. To keep the crossbow lightweight and durable in rough weather conditions, the riser, mainframe, and trigger housing construction are all made of aluminum. The Suppressor 400 TD weighs 5.9 pounds(barebow), the takedown crossbow is, therefore, ideal to carry on long hunting trips.

The crossbow features the new High-Output Express Limbs. These limbs can retain and hold more energy than ever before. The bullpup stock has an ambidextrous cheekpiece.

Silencing Features

Excalibur installed the Suppressor 400TD with various sound dampening systems to make sure the crossbow shoots as silently as possible.

The SDS system consists of some micro-adjustable dampening rods with durable, high impact rubber Recoil-Ant Vibration System (R.A.V.S.) dampeners that you install around the limbs of the crossbows. They significantly reduce string noise and it mitigates vibration after a shot.

The SDS system also has Ex-Shox dampening trusses wedges between the strings and the limbs. They reduce the impact on the string when you shoot the crossbow. This helps with dampening the shot as well and it helps with the durability of the strings. There is a hold-down spring that holds arrows securely before shooting.

The Air brakes are installed on the front of the crossbow. They are made of metal and really help to quiet thw crossbow down. The R.E.D.S Suppressor also helps in reducing shock, vibration, and noise.

The Suppressor 400TD features a rubberized stirrup that reduces noise and vibration and cancels out the noise on the firing of the crossbow. The stirrup has a good size to it.

Top view shot of the Suppressor 400TD

Speed and Arrows

With a 325 lbs.draw weight and a 15″ power stroke, the Suppressor 400TD reaches speeds of up to 400 FPS and 388 FPS with the S.D.S installed.

The PROFLIGHT premium carbon arrows are 16.5″ long. These arrows have .001” straightness and +/- 1-grain weight tolerances.

The quiver with mounting bracket is mounted on side of the crossbow and can hold a total of four arrows with or without broadheads.


Tenpoint decided to install the Suppressor 400TD with a TACT-100 scope. The illuminated scope features Multi-coated lenses offer a crisp, bright wide field of view, even in lower light situations. The Fast Point system enables you to adjusts in precise 10-yd. increments, while the scope’s speed dial adjusts it to match crossbow velocities of 300–450 fps. The scope features the Fast Point multi reticle aiming system. This system allows for accurate adjustments up to 100 yards.


This Suppressor 400TD can be rope cocked. The crossbow comes with the Charger EXT Crank. It allows you to easily draw your crossbow and safely decock it in complete silence. When the time comes to uncock your crossbow, the fail-safe strap will add support and security allowing you to quietly and safely decock the Suppressor 400TD.

The Charger EXT will dramatically reduce the draw weight of any Excalibur crossbow to a mere 12 pounds. It can be detached in seconds and features an ambidextrous, removable handle and a spring-loaded retractable cable for quick and easy storage.

Trigger and Safety Features

Excalibur decided to install the Suppressor 400TD with the adjustable pro-shot ACP trigger that they released in 2019 on the Suppressor 400 TD. This trigger features a two-stage adjustable crisp, light 3-lbs pull. The other stage is a slightly heavier pull. The trigger system has Friction-less Roller Catch Technology that prevents dirt from getting inside the sear and catch. The trigger system contains a silent manual safety mechanism and Guardian anti-dry fire to prevent you from accidentally dry firing the crossbow.

Assembly and Sighting-In

The Suppressor 400TD comes pres assembled and due to its Quick-Loc Technology, the crossbow is very easy to assemble and disassemble, you can do it in a matter of a few seconds. With just two simple steps, the front can be completely removed and reconnected to the main assembly. You won’t lose any accuracy no matter how many times you assemble/disassemble the crossbow. You only have to press a switch that is located under the front end of the crossbow, then you only have to push up the foot stirrup and you’re done. Its takedown size: 26.25″x9″

The quiver can be attached/detached to the side of the crossbow with a quick twist of a locking screw. Sighting in the scope was easy to do it only took me a couple of shots.

The Suppressor 400TD Dissassembled

Range Test

The crossbow is very comfortable to shoulder and it has a good balance. Cocking the Suppressor 400TD with the Charger EXT crank was easy to do and required little effort.

We speed tested the Suppressor 400TD with the ProFlight premium carbon arrows that came with the package. We reached speeds in the range of 375-400.8 fps and 389.1 fps with the S.D.S installed. With all its silencing features installed the crossbow shoots extremely quiet.

Note: If you decide to install the Air Brakes you will have a loss of speed in the range of 10-12 fps. We shot around 389 fps with the Airbrakes installed.

Recommended Accessories

Arrows & Broadheads

You can buy an extra six-pack of high-quality Excalibur PROFLIGHT 16.5″ arrows on Amazon. Pair the arrows with Excalibur’s X-Act 100 Grain 3-Blade Mechanical Broadheads.

Excalibur's PROFLIGHT arrows
Excalibur's X-Act Broadheads


If you want a sling to comfortably carry the Suppressor 400TD I recommend buying Excalibur’s 95856 Ex-sling.

Excalibur Ex Crossbow Sling


The package does not include a crossbow case to properly store the Suppressor 400TD. I highly recommend buying the Excalibur Explore Takedown Case. This is an extremely small and easy to carry crossbow case. It is a perfect fit for the Suppressor 400TD.

Excalibur 97511 Explore Case - Take-Down Quality Crossbow Case
Excalibur Suppressor 400TD  Review - Silent, Stealth Crossbow 3


  • Air Breaks and Sound Dampening System make sure this is one of the quietest crossbows on the market!
  • Quick Loc technology allows the crossbow to be assembled/disassembled in seconds, without losing accuracy!
  • Excellent long-range accuracy
Excalibur Suppressor 400TD  Review - Silent, Stealth Crossbow 4


  • Package comes without a crossbow case


The Excalibur Suppressor 400TD is the smallest, most powerful, and the most silent crossbow in Excalibur’s Micro series. You can also take it apart at lightning speed. The various damping systems ensure a quiet shot. Also, the cocking system is really quiet.

It shoots no less than 400 FPS, so distances of 100 yards and beyond are no problem at all, and the Fast Point multi reticle aiming system of the TACT-100 scope ensures accuracy on long distances up to 100 yards.

Excalibur did a fantastic job with the Suppressor 400TD. You won’t find a more quiet 400 FPS crossbow on the market in 2020. I highly recommend the Suppressor 400TD for hunters that are looking for a comfortable, easy to carry stealth crossbow for the upcoming hunting season.

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