Havalon Piranta-Z Folding Knife 2020 Review

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Today we will review Havalon’s Piranta-Z folding knife. Havalon is an American company that has a long history of making the highest quality scalpel blades in the world. They eventually made the decision to develop easy-to-carry, highly functional pocket knives for specialized applications that hunters and fishermen require.

First impressions

Havalon’s Piranta-Z folding knife is small, very light and the overall construction of the folding knife feels solid. The knife has a simple but good looking design. The closed length of the knife is 4.5 Inches and with the blade out 7. 25″. Including the blade the Piranta-Z folding knife weighs 6.4 ounces.

The Piranta Z comes with a nylon holster and 12 additional Quick-Change “easy-on, easy-off” #60XT stainless steel replacement blades.


The Piranta-Z folding knife has a long blaze orange handle is made from a military-grade Zytel polymer, which is a type tough of high-density plastic. It has black rubber anti-slip inlays that provide additional grip. The relatively long, and wide, ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and I had no problem losing grip during wet circumstances. The back of the handle has an open-ended design for easy cleaning and the handle features a lanyard hole. It’s a good handle and I really have no complaints about the look and feel of it.

The Piranta-Z folding knife has an about 1/2″ thick solid liner lock, which is a locking style mechanism often used in many folding knives. The thumb studs are there for fast one-handed opening. It works perfectly. The handle also has a thin metal pocket clip so you can hang it to your belt.


The razor-sharp drop point style blades that come with the Piranta-z folding knife have a length of 2. 75″ and they are 0.1″ thin, which is really thin and thus they bend easily. Don’t apply to much force on the blades because they can snap easily under to much pressure. They are definitely not made for prying things open!  Because they are so extremely sharp, very little pressure is needed for it to do its job.

Saying this blade is razor-sharp is an understatement. The 60XT stainless steel is surgically sharp, meaning it is extremely sharp and thus highly efficient for skinning and field dressing. It is prone to rust so take good care of blades and store them properly.

Piranta-Edge folding knife

Replacing blades

The only bad thing is you have to use pliers to change blades, but changing a blade it is still quite easy to do. To remove the blade lift the end of the blade closest to the handle with your index finger while pulling the top of the blade out with pliers(you definitely do not want to use your other hand instead of the pliers to avoid injury!). To replace a blade simply reverse the process and push the blade down until it is fully inserted.

You can buy 100 Piranta #60XT replacement blades here!

Piranta blade remover

To make blade removal even easier Havalon created a blade remover, which has made changing the blade on your Havalon Piranta easier than ever before. The remover snaps around the blade, and the blade then easily pulls off.

You can buy a Havalon blade remover package here.

A package includes 6 Blade removers.

Different blade types

One of the biggest pluses of the Piranta-z folding knife is that it fits all Piranta blades. This makes this pocket knife a versatile one.

I like the thicker carbon steel #22 blades(12-pack), that you can buy here.

If you prefer Stainless steel, #70A are quite nice (12-pack), you can buy them here.


The Piranta-z folding knife comes with a simple but practical nylon holster that keeps the knife safe and secure. It has a belt loop and the 12 replaceable blades the Piranta-Z comes with are individually packaged in the holster. The holster is not of the highest build quality and the material is not super durable but it functions well and it is decent enough considering the price the Piranta-Z comes for.


For faster, easier skinning and field dressing of just about any kind of wild game, big or small. It definitely doesn’t take the place of a quality fixed blade, but its performance of the Havalon-Z in the field is excellent!

The razor-sharp thin blade is highly effective for skinning and gutting but if you’re boning out meat make sure not to touch the bone too much as the blades dull quickly. When using the knife on a wet stone, the metal bar that holds the blade in place prevents sharpening.

The blades cannot be sharpened on a traditional wet stone using traditional techniques.

The Piranta-z folding knife is perfect if you don’t want to stop skinning to sharpen your knife when the skin is still at the right temperature. Just change the blade and continue, as mentioned before pay attention to any bones, because it will quickly become boring if you are not careful. It is great for caping though.

The Piranta-z folding knife is not fit for any heavy-duty bushcraft or wood processing work but the Piranta-Z is a handy little camp knife for some finer choirs. Because of its lightweight is also perfect for back backers that plan long trips.


Havalon Piranta Folding Knife
Havalon Piranta-Z Folding Knife 2020 Review 1Havalon Piranta-Z Folding Knife 2020 Review 2
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Knife type:
Folding Knife

Overall length:

6.4 ounces

Blade length:

Blade thickness:

Blade shape:
Drop point

Blade steel:
60XT stainless steel

Steel hardness:

Handle material:

Carry system includes:

Sheath material:


Pros & cons


  • Fits all Piranta style blades
  • Great for skinning
  • Strong military-grade polymer handle
  • Good price/quality ratio


  • blades dull relatively quick


Havalon did a fine job designing the Piranta-Z. The liner lock mechanism works flawlessly, the 60XT stainless steel blades really are extremely sharp and thus ideal for skinning and other field-dressing tasks. The fact that you can buy different types of blades makes it one of the most versatile skinner/folding knives out there. Because of its lightweight it is a perfect knife for campers and backpackers for small choirs.

Overall I am very happy with my Piranta-Z and for the relatively cheap price it comes it is one of my best purchases in a while.

The Piranta-Z Folding Knife is a great addition to any hunters or fishers arsenal!

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