How To Shoot a Compound Crossbow

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Evidently, a compound crossbow demands less effort and time than a traditional bow and arrows. However, with such simplifications in terms of usage, hunters can find them tactical and complex to get familiar with. In general, Compound Crossbows are the contemporary design of traditional crossbows that uses a metal frame, stocks, limbs, rail, bowstring, and a trigger. they stand as the most potent version of hunting gear that uses moving parts to shoot the arrows/bolts at a much high speed.

The compound crossbow comes equipped with ready-to-hunt accessories, including sighting, practice arrows with field points, and string lubricants. They also possess safety features that help hunters practice and shoot a compound crossbow in the field. Likewise, if you are seeking a way to get into hunting with compound crossbows, follow these steps to get yourself acquainted with the gear.

Choose the Right Crossbow

To get started, you must choose the suitable model of the compound crossbow. As a beginner best crossbow under $500 in the field, you should always go for the less powerful version that won’t break your bank. Compound crossbows are factory equipped with accessories and are engineered to cater to different sightings, distances, speed, power, and type of targets. However, with so many models in the market available within different ranges, choosing one that suits your style and preference can be a hassle. Therefore, the best way to select one for yourself is to balance your preference and budget and look for beginner models.

Choose the right compound crossbow

Assemble the Crossbow

After choosing the right model, assemble the crossbow with the given accessories as the manufacturer prescribes. The crossbow brands include safety and assembling manuals with the product and have them digitally available on their website. This will allow you to become aware of the parts as you assemble the model and eventually enable you to tune your crossbow per your preferred settings. The most important part of assembling a compound crossbow is properly lubricating the rail and waxing the string. As you shoot, this helps in the smooth gliding of the arrow/bolt. In addition, you must mount the scope accurately to enable sighting.

Cock the Crossbow

The next step is cocking the crossbow once it is ready and assembled. The compound crossbows should be cocked accurately to avoid any mishap; therefore, it takes reasonable effort, time, patience, and practice. There are two ways to cock the crossbow; Manually or by using Crank Device. To cock manually, put the crossbow’s stirrup portion on the ground and firmly secure it with your foot. Next, use both hands or a rope cocker to pull on the string on both sides evenly. To make the cocking mechanism latch, place the string on it. The string will click into place when it is appropriately positioned. The manual mechanism takes less time but a good amount of effort.

In contrast, cocking the crossbow using a crank aid will help you lessen the burden and effort but will consume more time.

Load the Arrows/Bolts

Once the crossbow is fully cocked, insert an arrow/bolt into the crossbow’s barrel. Next, take an arrow or bolt out of the quiver with one hand underneath the crossbow and slide it into the rail groove having a vane that has an unusual hue. Once you nock the arrow/bolt firmly into position, the auto safety system will engage. This aids in stopping the crossbow from automatically shooting while it is loaded.

Aim at the Target

Once you’ve loaded the crossbow, take a location and take your standing. Subsequently, you must carefully point the crossbow at the practice target to shoot. Now, grab the crossbow using your foregrip while retaining your finger away from the trigger. After that, place your cheek firmly against the stock while the buttstock is against your shoulder. This will allow you to align your dominant eye with the scope. Once it is aligned, switch the safety click to the fire position. This activates the anti-dry firing mechanism and gives you the option to fire when you’re ready.

Aim at the Target

Pull the Trigger

Finally, after everything has been settled and you sight in with the scope, place your finger on the trigger. The compound crossbow features a trigger pull like a riffle’s, allowing hunters to shoot accurately and efficiently without losing sight of the target. While keeping your posture aligned, pull the trigger gently to the very end of it. The trigger activates the shooting mechanism with a pop sound and throws the arrow/bolt out of the crossbow with string back to its place. Compound crossbows are designed so you can always follow through with another shot.

Final Verdict

Practice makes the aiming perfect and is eventually greatly valued when you are a beginner in the hunting field. The compound crossbows can be tricky to handle at first, but with time and effort, shooting them becomes more manageable and accessible. With these finely aligned steps, you can quickly master entry-level shooting using a best crossbow for beginners.

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