Killer Instinct Burner 415 Review – Fully Adjustable and Affordable Crossbow

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Today we’ll review the Killer Instinct Burner 415, a fully adjustable crossbow that shoots arrows with speeds up to 415 fps, and this for a very affordable price.

Killer Instinct is a relative newcomer in the crossbow market. We’ve already reviewed the other three models Killer released in 2020; the SWAT XP, the Lethal 405, and the Speed 425.

The Burner 415 is the followup model to the Ripper 415, which was released last year. We were excited to get our hands on Killer’s Burner 415 model, and we were very impressed by the nicely priced crossbow.

Killer Instinct BURNER 415 Crossbow Package

Killer Instinct Burner 415 Specs

Killer Instinct Burner 415
Killer Instinct Burner 415 Review - Fully Adjustable and Affordable Crossbow 1Killer Instinct Burner 415 Review - Fully Adjustable and Affordable Crossbow 2
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415 FPS

6.7 lbs

34.5" / 37"(incl stirrup)

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
18.75" / 14.75"

Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
220 lbs.

Extra Features:
Six-position AR-style buttstock, X-Lok Lok adjustable foregrip, DDS Dead Silent Crank Compatable(not included in the package,) Dead Silent Kit that contains of string dampeners and limb silencers

Package Contents

  • LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W Scope
  • Rope Cocker
  • String Suppressors
  • 3-Bolt Quiver
  • (3) HYPR Lite Bolts (370 Grains) with Field Tips
  • Stick of Rail Lube
  • Owner’s manual

First Impressions / Size and Weight

The Burner 415 measures a full length of 37 inches(including stirrup,) has a width(axle-to-axle) of 18.75″ uncocked and 14.75″ cocked. The crossbow has a narrow frame and lightweight construction. The Micro-Lite barrel is made from aluminum, it helps to eliminate excess weight while still producing dead-on accuracy. The crossbow tips our scales at 6.7 pounds. I like the slender look of the crossbow and the RealTree Edge Camo is a nice finish.

The Burner 415 can be adjusted so it can fit hunters of any size. You can adjust the AR-style stock in six-positions with 1/5 inch increments between them, so you can extend it up to 3 inches. You can also adjust the X-Lok foregrip for a more comfortable grip, it offers multiple holding points. The rubber over-mold coating of the foregrip makes it comfortable to hold.

They upgraded the pistol grip and the forearm that the Ripper 415 came with. The pistol grip has a rubberized feel to it and features finger grooves. There is a small compartment on the bottom of the handle, the inside is completely rubberized, you can store something in there to your liking, like your hunting license for example. The X-Lok foregrip is also rubberized and features hand grooves.

The Burner 415 comes with the integrated Dead Silent Kit that contains string dampeners and limb silencers. The string dampeners reduce string noice and the limb silencers reduce vibration during the shot.

DEAD-SILENT-KIT-Installed-on-the-Buner-415 containing string dampeners and limb silencers

Arrows and Speed

The speed of the Burner knock’s down the biggest and fastest game. With the HYPR Lite Bolts 370 Grains arrows, the Burner 415 shoots arrows with a top speed of 415 fps, delivering 141-FT-LB knockdown power.

The High-Velocity HYPR Lite arrows are designed and build with the goal to maximize the speed delivered by today’s high-powered crossbows. The carbon arrows have a total shaft length of 20 inches and a diameter of 0.348 inches. Fletched with 3” vanes, the arrows have inserted moon nocks and come with 100-grain field tips.


The side-mount quiver included in the package can hold a total of three arrows, it is mounted parallel to the rail of the crossbow.

Killer Instinct Burner 415 Quiver


The Lumix IR-W scope 4x32 illuminated wire reticle scope is a cheap 50$ crossbow scope, but it is still a decent scope. The scope is of course illuminated, you can switch between red and blue illumination. The scope has multiple brightness settings and a multi reticle for shooting different yardages up to about 50 yards.

Lumix IR-W scope 4x32 magnification

Trigger and Safety Features

Killer Instinct installed the Burner 415 with a KillerTech trigger. The trigger has a smooth 3-5 pound pull with zero detectable creep and a clean, consistent break. The trigger has an ambidextrous safety switch and integrated Anti-Dry Fire, which prevents you from accidentally dry firing the crossbow when unloaded.


The Burner 415 doesn’t come with a crank just the strings to pull with. The 220-pound draw weight is quite some weight to pull, luckily Killer Instinct offers a rope cocking device with all their crossbows. The rope cocker from Killer Instinct is a very nice rope cocker. It cuts the draw weight by even more than 50%. The Killer rope cocker also provides an even cock for enhanced accuracy. The crossbow has a nice big stirrup that you can use when you cock the crossbow, the stirrup has a good size to it and it will fit most hunting boots.

Assembly and Sighting-In

Assembling the Burner 415 is incredibly easy. Screw in the bottom bolt first, and then the top ones on either side of the rail of the crossbow. The scope was relatively easy to sight in, it only took me 10 minutes and 6 shots.

Read the owner’s manual included in the package!

Range Test

The crossbow is really comfortable to hold because of all its rubberized parts and its lightweight narrow frame makes it is easy to handle. Cocking the crossbow with the rope cocker was no big hassle for me but it might be al little bit too much for smaller-framed hunters or hunters with a weaker back. I also tested the crossbow with DSC Dead Silent Crank. It is the superior cocking mechanism for this crossbow. The device allows you to cock the crossbow in complete silence, which avoids scaring wary game.

We speed tested the Burner 415 with the chronograph we use to test all the crossbows we review. The Killer Instinct Burner 415 has a 14,5-inch power stroke. With the 370 grain arrows included in the package, we reached a top speed of 416.2 feet per second. Due to the pre-installed string dampeners and limb silencers, the crossbow doesn’t make to much noise during shooting. The trigger has a smooth pull to it with zero detectable creep. The crossbow is very accurate on the fast short distance and the scope offers some accuracy over longer distances.

Recommended Accessories

Arrows & Broadheads

If you want some extra arrows with good broadheads for big game hunting to accompany the Burner 415. Then I would like to recommend buying an extra six-pack of Killer Instinct’s Hypr Lite carbon crossbow arrows(370 grains) and equip them with G5 Montec Outdoors M3(100-grain) broadheads.

Killer Instinct MSCKI-1065-6 Hypr Lite carbon arrows
Stainless steel Montec-G5-Broadheads

Dead Silent Crank

The Burner 415 accepts the Killer Instinct Dead Silent Crank. I highly recommend buying one with this crossbow, you can also use the crank on most other Killer Instinct crossbows. The ultra-quick and deadly silent crank cocking system rapidly attaches and detaches in seconds to safely and silently cock your crossbow.

DSC Dead Silent Crank


There is no shoulder sling included in the package. I recommend buying a Neoprene crossbow sling from Tenpoint.

Neoprene Crossbow Sling from Tenpoint


There is no crossbow case included in this package. If you want a suitable crossbow case for the Burner 415, I recommend buying the Killer Instinct’s Slayer case. It fits the Burner 415 perfectly.

Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case

Pros and Cons

Killer Instinct Burner 415 Review - Fully Adjustable and Affordable Crossbow 3


  • Easily the best 415 FPS crossbow within its price range
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, and aim
  • Easily adjustable to fit a variety of medium to large-sized hunters
  • The crossbow is relatively silent thanks to its integrated sound dampening systems
Killer Instinct Burner 415 Review - Fully Adjustable and Affordable Crossbow 4


  • Without the DSC Dead Silent Crank, the draw weight might be too much for small-sized hunters or hunters with back problems
  • There is no shoulder sling included in the package
Burner 415 crossbow

Our Verdict

This crossbow has one of the best price/quality ratios I’ve ever seen for a crossbow package. You’ll get a really well designed and constructed crossbow with awesome specs and a lot of extra features for little money.

The Killer Instinct Burner 415 crossbow can be adjusted so it can fit hunters of any size. I am repeating myself here but I really want to emphasize how much better the crossbow is with the DSC Dead Silent Crank. Cocking in total silence makes a big difference when you’re hunting.

If you are looking for an affordable, fully adjustable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver crossbow that shoots arrows relatively silently but with a hard-hitting 415 feet per second, then the Burner 415 is the perfect pick for you!

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