Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS Crossbow Review

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Summary of the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow

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The Furious Pro 9.5 will suit any hunter. Killer Instinct once more delivered a very accurate, fast, and compact crossbow for not a lot of money. Hunt in treestands, blinds, or just out in the field and you’ll feel very comfortable with this crossbow. The Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 package is all you need for a successful hunting season!


In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5. Killer Instinct Crossbows released the Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS in 2019. We were really impressed with the Killer Instinct Speed 425 so hopefully, Killer Instinct can keep it up, and that they produced another great crossbow with the Furious Pro 9.5.

Killer Instinct Crossbows is a relatively new company in the crossbow market, but their parent company Hawk is a highly respected name in the hunting market. Hawk is best known for their treestands, climbing steps and sticks, and many other hunting accessories.

Killer Instinct claims that the Furious Pro 9.5 is “Ready to dominate the woods, the FURIOUS™ PRO 9.5 is a monster that’s fierce with power, control, and accuracy. Unparalleled crossbow maneuverability, feel and responsiveness is delivered from the ultra-narrow frame that cocks down to a low-profile, 9.5-inches wide.” It also has a 3pound trigger, Hogue Grip, and an adjustable length AR-style buttstock.

So, let’s see how the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 actually performs!

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS Crossbow Review

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS Crossbow Features

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS

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7.0 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
14.125" / 9.5"

Length: 32.5" - 35"

Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
185 lbs

Extra Features:
PRO-Series Trigger, Refined ergonomics from a Hogue® Grip, UltraStealth Cheek Weld

Size and Weight

When first picking up the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5, you instantly feel that it’s a really lightweight crossbow. The crossbow only weighs 7 pounds and measures Axle-to-Axle 14.125 inches when uncocked and 9.5 inches when cocked.

The Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 is a great crossbow to handle. It’s very lightweight and also very narrow. The Furious Pro 9.5 is therefor a crossbow you can easily hunt with in a blind or treestand.

Hunting out in the field is when you really appreciate narrow crossbows and the Furious Pro 9.5 is a really narrow and maneuverable crossbow!

Killer Instinct installed a very handy foot-stirrup on the Furious Pro 9.5. It both serves as foot-stirrup and stand! Easily place your bow upright on the foot-stirrup anywhere you want!

Speed and Arrows

Even though the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 is a really lightweight and compact crossbow, it can still shoot arrows at 400 feet per second! We’ve actually measured the crossbow shooting 395 feet per second with the bolts that were included in the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS Crossbow Kit with Slayer Case and Broadheads Bundle.

Included in the package are 3 HYPR Bolts with Field Points. This pack includes three replaceable 420J2 stainless steel blade broadheads.

The Furious Pro 9.5 itself is actually already a very accurate bow with the factory included bolts (3-Inch groups). To actually shoot with even more accuracy, we recommend using a heavier bolt for the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5.

For specialist custom bolts we highly recommend the folks at Borkholder Archery. The folks over at Borkholder Archery can make custom bolts for most High-Performance Crossbows. They test out bolts with different weights and they deliver bolts with more accuracy and usually a bit less speed.

We’ve tested the bolts from Borkholder Archery, they’re more accurate than the factory included bolts (2-Inch groups) and they come in at around 380-385 feet per second. We should also note that the heavier bolts will also give less damage to the crossbow over time and therefor will last longer.


LUMIX 4x 32 IR-E Scope for the Furious Pro 9.5

The Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 comes with a LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-E Scope. The scope should come already calibrated for 20-60 yards with 10-yard increments. Fine tuning may be required depending on setup & bolt weight.

The Lumix 4x32 IR-E premium glass etched scope features multi-reticle aim points that have rheostat brightness illumination in red or blue for low light settings. It also has a total of 5 brightness settings!

As we already explained in the Speed and Arrows section, the Furious Pro 9.5 is a very accurate bow. Out of the box it can shoot groups of 3-inches!

Sighting the LUMIX 4x 32 IR-E Scope

“Starting at ten yards, shoot your crossbow into a target and adjust the scope until your bolt is hitting where you aim. Move back to the preferred yardage for your top reticle mark and shoot again. Re zero the bow to hit where you are aiming. EX.- If shooting at twenty yards and your crossbow is shooting two inches high and one inch to the left, adjust windage by turning counter clockwise approximately 16 clicks. Adjust the elevation turret by turning clockwise approximately 32 clicks to zero in the scope. A good rule of thumb is at 16 clicks, your aiming point will move one inch at twenty yards.”

Assembling and Disassembling

Always read the instruction manual that comes with your crossbow!

Assembling the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 is actually very easy.

  1. To assemble the Furious Pro 9.5, align the cable slide with the cable protector card on the frond end into the groove on the barrel. Slide the cables and string unto the barrel until the riser is seated flush against the end of the barrel.
  2. Now insert the included riser bolt through the hole and the foot-stirrup and securely attach the frond end and riser to the barrel using the Hex key/Allen wrench.
  3. Lock the frond end bolt in place by threading a set screw into the center hole on the bottom of the riser.
  4. After the front end is secured to the barrel, remove the cable slide protector card on the cables by pulling at the perforated edges.
    Do not use scissors or any sharp objects to remove it from the cables!!!
  5. Mount the LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-E Scope on the top of the Picatinny rail above the trigger box. Loosen the bases on the scope rings and set each base into a groove on the Picatinny rail. You may have to adjust the position of the bases to get the perfect fit. Once the scope is resting in place and level on the scope, tighten all bolts on the scope rings and bases.
  6. Attach the quiver bracket behind the forearm grip on the Picatinny rail.

Your Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 is now fully assembled and ready to cock and shoot!

How To Assemble the Killer Instinct Furious PRO 9.5

To store the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5, you can put it away in the Slayer Crossbow case or you can put it upright on its stand.

Slayer Crossbow case for Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow


Killer Instinct doesn’t provide a crank cocker with this package. This package does include a Rope Cocker. It actually takes quite a bit of force to cock the Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5. If you do have trouble cocking crossbows with a rope cocker, Killer Instinct now offers a Dead Silent Crank for the Furious Pro 9.5. The DSC™ only fits the Furious Pro 9.5 2020 model, not the 2019 model.

“The DSC™ rapidly attaches and detaches in seconds to safely and silently cock your crossbow at a moment’s notice.  This compact, sleek design with speed connect socket is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloys to reduce weight and ensure years of trouble-free use.”

Shooting and Trigger

The Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 has a really good feel. Thanks to the Hogue grip, adjustable UltraStealth Cheek Weld and a very clean three-pound trigger, the Furious Pro 9.5 competes with the top-of-the-range models like Ravin and TenPoint but at a much lower cost.

Killer Instinct also installed an Anti-Dry fire mechanism on the Furious Pro 9.5 that is engaged until you load a bolt into the trigger box. The string will be caught by two prongs if it was ever fired without a bolt.

The Hogue Grip installed on the crossbow feels very nice. Your hands lock into grip, it has a comfortable non-slip cheek rest, giving you better control and feel.

Thanks to the very crisp three-pound integrated Pro-Series trigger, the Furious Pro 9.5 accuracy is on the money. Finding a crossbow under $1000 that can shoot 3-inch groups is very hard.

Immediately replace worn, cut, or frayed string, serving and cables prior to shooting. String and cables should be replaced every three years under normal shooting conditions or sooner if signs of wear exist.

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow

Extra Features

  • Pro-Series Trigger
  • Hogue® Grip
  • Limited Lifetime, to the original owner if registered within 30 days of purchase.

Package Contents

  • Killer Instinct Crossbows Furious Pro 9.5 400 FPS Crossbow Kit
  • Slayer Crossbow Case
  • LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-E Scope
  • HME Fixed-Blade Steel Tip 100-Grain Hunting Broadheads (3-Pack)
  • three replaceable 420J2 stainless steel blade broadheads.
  • Dead Silent String Suppressors
  • 5-Bolt Quiver
  • Stick of Rail Lube

Pros and Cons

What we like

  • Accurate
  • 400 Feet Per Second
  • Silent
  • Compact design
  • Clean Crisp 3-pound Trigger
  • String Dampeners
  • Pro package includes everything you need!

What we don’t like

  • Dead Silent Crank Cocker Not included even in PRO-Package

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