Morakniv Classic No 1 Knife Review

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The Morakniv Classic No 1 has been made for 100 years in the Swedish village of Mora. During that time, the knife did go with the times, but without losing sight of the origin of the knife. The Morakniv Classic No 1 has been proven reliable by generations of carpenters and woodcarvers.

First impressions

The knife has a total length of 7.8″ and weighs just 2.72 ounces. These knives weigh next to nothing so the gram and ounce counters can even carry one.  2.8 ounces! They are so light, many modify the sheaths to carry them as neck knives. 

Although it arrives fairly sharp you’ll probably want to do some work on it but the Scandi grind makes it easy to obtain a razor-sharp edge. The knife has a 3/4 partial tang. On the back of the knife the pure proof of the forging process of the carbon steel can still be seen.


The barrel-shaped handle of painted birch wood is both beautiful and easy to work with. It is ergonomically-designed to be held comfortable and secure. The Classic No 1’s birch handle can be slippery when wet. This is important considering there is no hilt/guard.


The Morakniv Classic No 1 features a 3.9-inch long and 0,078″ thick clippoint blade with a Scandi grind.

The steel used for the Morakniv Classic No1 is European C 100 steel, high carbon steel which is very similar to American 1095. The heat treat is balanced for edge retention yet providing just enough toughness. Carbon steel is not rustproof and should, therefore, be stored clean and dry. Make sure to wipe the blade after usage and oil it regularly.

Note: Be careful with the carbon steel when using acidic things (apples or other fruit) because of corrosion.


The Morakniv Classic No 1 comes in a simple hard plastic case. The plastic cover looks cheap and does not always clamp the knife well, but considering the low price it is nothing to complain about. The sheath has a drainage hole for excess water. The sheath with a polished look is covered with the Dalecarlian shield and has a belt strap of Swedish vegetable tanned leather, designed to stand the test of time for generations to come.

Morakniv Classic No 1. Classic Knife with sheath


The Morakniv Classic No 1 knife is designed and intended for Scandinavian construction workers. The thickness, size, and shape of the blade make it versatile, able to remove large amounts of material or get into small nooks and crannies for detailed work.

They are mostly used for woodcarving and construction work but it also makes a fine skinning knife for small game like rabbits for example.

keep in mind that the spine will be ‘raw’ (not grinded) on most craftsmen and construction knives. Therefore, it’s not compatible with a fire starter.

Morakniv Classic No. 1/0


Morakniv Classic No 1 Knife

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Knife type:

Overall length:

2.72 ounces

Blade length:

Blade thickness:

Blade shape:
Clip Point

Blade steel:
Carbon Steel

Steel hardness:
58-60 HRC

Handle material:

Carry system included:

Sheath material:


With every Morakniv knife comes a royal lifetime limited warrant granted by the King of Sweden!

Pros & cons


  • Historic Scandinavian knife
  • Classic look
  • Good for precision wood carving
  • Scandi grind
  • Great price


  • Cheap sheath


The Morakniv Classic knives are a tribute to the Swedish handicraft tradition that Morakniv has been part of for over a century. The Classic No 1 has a very well earned reputation. It simply is s a fantastic knife. Inexpensive, functional. Good blade geometry. Adequate steel. I’ve heard Moras referred to as “the best knives you’ve never heard of.” In North America that is largely true, but across Scandinavia these knives are legendary. The Morakniv No 1 is a timeless Morakniv knife in its purest form.

Because it comes so cheap it is a must-buy for any knife collector or knife enthusiast out there!

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