Review for the Morakniv Garberg Black Bushcraft/Survival Knife With a Molle Multi-Mount System

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The Morakniv Garberg is a powerful, full tang, stainless steel knife that is the toughest Morakniv the company has ever made. Experts like Dave Canterbury, who is known from shows on the Discovery Channel, tested the Garberg in the field. He gave feedback to make this knife even better. Mora’s product developers have gone to great lengths to make the Garberg as good and strong as possible and they’ve certainly achieved that goal.

First impressions

The Morakniv Garbers is available with three different carry systems you can choose from. You can go for a tough and handsome leather sheath, or the MOLLE multi-mount system that includes a polyamide sheath and accessories for fastening the Garberg to packs, clothes, walls, or vehicles. You can also go for a simple cheap polyamide sheath. I of course went for the leather sheath but we also checked out the MOLLE multi-mount system as well as the polyamide sheath.


The Morakniv Garberg has a tough, impact-resistant polyamide handle. The round shape of the handle lies finely in the hand, even if you use it for a long time in a row. The way in which the middle part is just a little thicker than the ends of the grip is called a ‘palm swell’. On the front and back there are subtle bulges that ensure that you do not shoot off the handle with your hand. The handle is tough and feels good in the hand. It is comfortable to hold and it doesn’t become slippery in wet circumstances.


The modified clip-point blade of the Morakniv Garberg is 4.3 inches long and 0.13 inches thick. The edge is ground in the Scandi fashion, at a 22-25 degree angle. The Scandi grind is a traditional element of Scandinavian knife culture. Scandi grinds are renowned for their woodworking ability. The Scandi grind dulls faster than other knife grinds but is much more easily sharpened, especially in the field.

The blade of the Morakniv Garberg is made of top-grade Swedish Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. For Morakniv it was the first time that they worked with this type of steel, but 14C28N stainless steel has already more than earned its spurs in the world of knives. Strong, hard-wearing, excellent edge performance, razor sharpness, high hardness, and exceptional corrosion resistance. The steel is hardened to 56-58 HRC.


The Morakniv Garberg with leather sheath includes the Garberg knife and a fine, genuine leather sheath. The leather is of high quality and the sheath is tough and durable.

I would not recommend buying the Morakniv Garberg with a polymer sheath. It is designed quite well but the material feels cheap and the sheat is not as tough and durable as the leather sheath.

The Multimount system is also great. It is basically a plastic holder in which you clamp the sheath. Then you have loose Velcro straps to attach the mount to a MOLLE-compatible web. You can also screw the plastic base to a place where the knife will come in handy.

Morakniv Garberg with Molle Multi Mount System attached to a backpack


The Morakniv Garberg is a perfect bushcraft knife. The extremely sharp spine shaves bark or dried tender from limbs with ease. The stainless steel used is excellent in corrosion resistance very tough at the edge and is easily sharpened with a fine diamond hone and a good very fine strop. The tang through the scale design lends itself to scraping fire starter material. The Scandi grind is a good slicer and cutter.

The Morakniv Garberg is fit for all categories of bushcraft tasks. From mild baton work for processing firewood to fine carving work for traps and such.

Square-edged ground spine blade can be used as a striker with firesteel (sold separately)


Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

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Knife type:

Overall length:

9.6 ounces

Blade length:

Blade thickness:

Blade shape:
Drop Point

Blade steel:
Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel

Steel hardness:
55–62 HRC

Handle material:

Carry system included:

Sheath material:
Genuine Leather


With every Morakniv knife comes a royal lifetime limited warrant granted by the King of Sweden!

Pros & cons


  • High quality
  • Strong full tang build
  • Excellent performance
  • Decent Price
  • Scandi grind


  • Comes with a genuine leather sheath


Morakniv did a fantastic job with the Morakniv Garberg. It is the best Morakniv knife they have developed so far. The only argument against the Garberg is the high price (Morakniv is known for its cheaper but high-quality knives,) but given the high build quality and excellent performance, the Garberg is embraced by the bushcraft community as one of the best bushcraft knives out there.

The quality is so much higher than the other Morakniv knives that you hardly get anything better for this money. I highly recommend this knife with no hesitations whatsoever!

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