Parachute Cord and Paracord Bracelets – How a Paracord Can Safe Your Life!

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These days, many people include a paracord bracelet in their survival kit. A paracord in essence is what connects a parachutist to his/her parachute and is the lifeline of paratroopers the world over. Parachute cord has found its way into the commercial market due to the thousands of uses a high-quality cord has in a field or survival environment.

Why is Paracord so popular?

Parachute cord or ‘paracord’ as it is more commonly referred to can and has been used in a variety of ways. Its initial design function was in the construction of parachutes in World War 2. Each line of paracord is made of continuous filament nylon outside covering and seven high-strength inner nylon cords.

Every single line of paracord has a tensile strength tested to 550 pounds and is designed to last. That’s why it is also commonly referred to as a 550 (para)cord. US military-grade paracord is widely considered the best quality paracord on the market. This reputation has been achieved largely due to the fact that American manufacturers conform to design specifications defined by the US military (MIL-C-5040).

TypeMinimum strengthMinimum elongationMinimum length per pound of cordCore yarnsSheath structure
I95 pounds (43 kg)30%950 feet per pound (640 m/kg)116/1
IA100 pounds (45 kg)30%1,050 feet per pound (710 m/kg)<no core>16/1
II400 pounds (180 kg)30%265 feet per pound (178 m/kg)4 to 732/1 or 36/1
IIA225 pounds (102 kg)30%495 feet per pound (333 m/kg)<no core>32/1 or 36/1
III550 pounds (250 kg)30%225 feet per pound (151 m/kg)7 to 932/1 or 36/1
IV750 pounds (340 kg)30%165 feet per pound (111 m/kg)1132/1, 36/1, or 44/1
The six types of paracords as defined by the US Military under MIL-C-5040

Definitely more than just parachute cord (paracord), it’s regarded today as an iconic military rope for any situation requiring lightweight cordage. Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or making up a survival kit, you would be at a disadvantage if you did not include a paracord as an extra piece in your survival kit.

What is 550 Paracord or a Paracord Bracelet Used For?

So, what are the many uses of paracord? The answer is pretty much anything and everything, mainly limited by a person’s imagination to use the product. Broken shoelaces up a mountain? The outer sheath makes excellent boot laces and will most likely outlast the originals that came with the boots. Need some quick thread? The inner cores are great for impromptu fishing lines or first aid. Need some lashing for a tarp shelter? Again, take out the inner strands and you have all the cord that you need!

Inner yarns of a Paracord Bracelet
Inner yarns of a Paracord Bracelet

Need to fix the Space Shuttle on its second mission (No not a joke, paracord was actually used to repair the Space Shuttle in 1997). It sounds a bit ridiculous but paracord is so useful for replacing everything that it is even now used in space. Back on earth, a broken gear strap on your kayak, making a field repair to your backpack, or making an impromptu rope for a bear bag.

Uses for 550 paracords are endless and are often limited by a person’s imagination. Below are a few more ideas:

  1. Ridgeline for Tarps/Bashers
  2. Restraints
  3. Shoe & Bootlaces
  4. Tourniquet
  5. Repairing Equipment
  6. Bottle Holder
  7. Securing Equipment
  8. Zipper Pulls
  9. Guylines
  10. Hanging Food from Bears
  11. Washing Lines
  12. Making a Fire
  13. Bow Handle
  14. Wrapping
  15. String for a Bow
  16. Trail Marking
  17. Shelter Making
  18. Surfing/Snowboarding leashes
  19. Hammock Making
  20. Kite Surfing/Wind Surfing
  21. Fish Nets
  22. Boating
  23. Snares/Traps
  24. Whip Making
  25. Weapon Straps
  26. Binding
  27. Fishing Line
  28. Dental Floss
  29. Sewing fabric together
  30. Small twine for whipping ends of larger cord
  31. Emergency Stitches

And there are so many other situations in which a 550 paracord can be a lifesaver.

Paracord Bracelets

A Paracord Survival Bracelet in its simplest form it’s a single piece of 550 Type III paracord knotted into a bracelet. Many unique designs and interpretations are made today and similar to any product today, the quality of the product will vary.

Wearing a Paracord Bracelet
Wearing a Paracord Bracelet

As you can see, if you have a paracord survival bracelet on your wrist and you find yourself in a situation that requires some light cordage, simply unbraid the bracelet and you have one continuous foot piece of cord (up to 24 feet).

Many army units have fashioned parachute cords into bracelets denoting their unit and geographical area of deployment. This reflects both the comfortable texture of the nylon rope and its place as a military icon.

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Paracord is without question one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can take to the field. It’s light, it’s convenient and it’s super tough. Paracord survival bracelets are in use by security forces in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as by law enforcement personnel across the USA.

Although the paracord bracelets share a common knotting technique, the design can vary a great deal. It is possible to weave two, three, and even four colors into a paracord bracelet with the option of a buckle or knot(s) to secure around the wrist.

Different Paracord Bracelet Designs
Different Paracord Bracelet Designs


550 paracord is a must-have item for the outdoors person, and every grab-and-go bag or survival kit should contain at least 50 feet. There are literally thousands of uses for 550 paracords or paracord bracelets, listed here are just a few: boot laces, shelter support, clothesline, and suspenders. Paracord can be used again and again.

Paracord bracelets are relatively cheap and most of them include other tools like a compass as well. If you’re spending time outdoors or making up a survival or first aid kit for a trip, a Paracord Survival Bracelet is a useful method of carrying a paracord with you.

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