Ravin R20 Sniper Package – Compact 430 FPS Crossbow Review

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The Ravin R20 is the further development of the R15 Predator. The R20 offers rifle-like accuracy in an ultra-compact package. It is probably one of the most accurate crossbows in the world right now, with the Vortex Strike Eagle scope that is included in the Sniper package, being accurate over distances of up to 200 yards is no problem at all for this precision weapon!

Thanks to Helicoil technology, the R20 has excellent balance and enhanced accuracy. The Frictionless Flight feature allows the bolt to float freely, thus not losing energy through friction and generating speeds of up to 430 fps. We also reviewed the Ravin R10, the successor of the Ravin R9 Predator. The crossbow manufacturer released the ultra-compact Ravin R26 earlier this year.

Why did we choose the Sniper package? Because this version is equipped with everything you need to shoot the R20 very accurately essentially making it a sniper crossbow. The sniper package includes the highly accurate Vortex scope that allows you to shoot at different distances up to 100 yards and the Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation for distance and arrow drag adjustments.

Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Review


Ravin R20 Sniper
Ravin R20 Sniper Package – Compact 430 FPS Crossbow Review 1Ravin R20 Sniper Package – Compact 430 FPS Crossbow Review 2
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430 FPS

7.1 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
10.5" / 6"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
12 lbs.

Extra Features:
Helicoil Cams, Frictionless Flight System, Vortex Strike Eagle Scope, Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount, Auto-Safety/Anti-Dry-Fire 5-pound trigger

Pros and Cons

Ravin R20 Sniper Package – Compact 430 FPS Crossbow Review 3


  • 430 fps
  • Accurate
  • Excellent scope
  • Lightweight and ultra compact
Ravin R20 Sniper Package – Compact 430 FPS Crossbow Review 4


  • Not able to release half-cocked
  • You have to buy a case separately

First Impressions

The crossbow is ultra-compact, it measures 10.5 inches wide uncocked(axle to axle) and cocked a mere 6 inches. It has a total length of 34.5 inches. The crossbow is designed to cut as much weight as possible, tipping the scales at 7.1 lbs. It has a polymer stock and a pistol grip that has some texture on it with finger grooves that fit hunting gloves.

Helicoil Technology allows the cams to rotate 340° when drawing and shooting the crossbow, this helps a lot with balance and accuracy. The Helicoil cams also enable the Frictionless Flight System to work, ensuring that the cable barely touches the rails and there is no downward pressure on the bolt. As a result, the string is not slowed down and barely wears.

The crossbow is one of the best-looking crossbows I’ve laid my eyes on. The crossbow has a gun-like design that will be enjoyed by crossbow lovers as well as gun enthusiasts. Complimenting the gun-like look and feel of the R20 is the gunmetal grey finish.

Ravin R20 crossbow with grey camo

Speed and Arrows

We used Ravin’s .001″ arrows(400-grain) to speed test the Ravin R20. With the draw weight of 12 pounds and a power stroke of 13 inches, we reached speeds between 370 and 431.4 fps with about 164 pounds of kinetic energy. We used the chronograph we use to speed test all crossbows we review.



The R20 Sniper package contains the advanced 1-8×24 mm Vortex Strike Eagle scope, which is a compact long-range precision scope of the highest quality. You can adjust the scope anywhere between 20 and 200 yards. The scope has multi-coated lenses and a 1-8x magnification. It features a single AR-BDC2 reticle. Furthermore, the scope is 100% fog proof, 100% waterproof, and shock and kickback resistant. The glass is crystal clear and the scope has no fish-eye whatsoever.

The Sniper package also contains the Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount for distance and arrow drag adjustments. Adjusting during the hunt can cause some problems, for example, it can scare away the prey. However, this is an excellent scope that leaves most factory scopes far behind in terms of quality and functionality.

Assembly and Storage

Installing the Ravin R20 is easy. The crossbow comes fully assembled in the package. You only have to mount the scope and install the mounting bracket with the 3-arrow side mount quiver. The Vortex Strike Eagle scope can be mounted to a Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount. It takes a couple of shots to finetune the scope.

Read the Ravin user manual in the package!

I highly recommend buying a Ravin Hard Case to properly store and carry the Ravin R20.


The Ravin R20 is equipped with a built-in cocking system called the Versa Draw cocking system. This is a safe cocking system that allows you to effortlessly cock the crossbow with a cocking handle. You only have to cock 12 lbs of weight. The crossbow is also cocked 100% evenly for an extra clean shot. The only downside is that you can’t release the crossbow half-cocked. Cocking by hand is not possible. The cocking handle is detachable.

Testing and Shooting

Ravin chose their Trac-Trigger for the R20. This 3 lbs trigger system has a 2-position safety feature and anti-dry-fire tech to prevent dry firing the crossbow. The trigger ensures a crisp zero creep smooth shot. It doesn’t make to much noise and there are almost no vibrations.

The ambidextrous design of the R20 makes the crossbow suited for both right-handed shooters and left-handed shooters. The R20 is perfectly balanced and you almost have the feeling that you are shooting with a rifle. This beast of a crossbow and is made for hunting big and/or fast game.

Wax the strings regurarly and use handrail lube to keep the R20 in shape!

Ravin R20 grey camo top

Package Contents

  • Ravin R20
  • Vortex Strike Eagle scope
  • 3-Arrow Quiver
  • Draw Handle
  • 6-Pack 400-grain Match Grade .003 Arrows
  • Field Points
  • Accessories Bracket
  • User Manual

Our Verdict

With outstanding power and speed, the R20 is one of the finest crossbows Ravin ever delivered. Because of its lightweight and compact design, the crossbow offers superb maneuverability. The crossbow is also suited for running and gunning or you can use it from a tree stand or ground blind.

The crossbow is a very powerful short-range and very precise long-range. The Vortex Strike Eagle is one of the best -200 yard scopes available, making the R20 a sniper crossbow. The R20 comes a bit pricey but the crossbow is worth the coin. I highly recommend buying the sniper package for enhanced accuracy. Thank you for reading this review, take good care of the crossbow and happy hunting!

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