Scorpyd Aculeus 480 FPS Review – Fastest Crossbow On Earth?

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Today we’ll be reviewing the Scorpyd Aculeus, the fastest rig on the market with patented reverse draw technology. This behemoth of a crossbow comes with some interesting features that we’ll discuss in this review.

Reverse Draw Technology was invented by Jim Kempf. By reversing the riser and limb arrangement and pulling the string into the curve of the limbs instead of away from the limbs, Jim eliminated all of the brace height, maximizing the power stroke. The Aculeus has a mighty power stroke of 18.5 inches!

We were very excited to get our hands on the Aculeus and we tested the crossbow extensively in the field. Is the Scorpyd Aculeus the fastest crossbow on earth? Let’s find out!

Features of the Scorpyd Aculeus

Scorpyd Aculeus
Scorpyd Aculeus 480 FPS Review - Fastest Crossbow On Earth? 1Scorpyd Aculeus 480 FPS Review - Fastest Crossbow On Earth? 2
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480 FPS

7.5 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
24.5" / 12.875"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
180 lbs.

Extra Features:
ACUdraw safe & silent cocking device, Kempf TEC SEER-LOC adjustable trigger, Anti Dry Fire/Auto-Safety, Hawke illuminated XB1 SR Scope

Package Contents

The aculeus comes with one of the most extensive packages available.

  • ACUdraw
  • String Stops
  • Scope rail
  • Sling Studs
  • Sled or Rope Cocker
  • 1.5×5 Hawke Illuminated XB1 SR Scope
  • Fuse Quiver
  • 12 Scorpyd Arrows
  • Grim Reaper Broadheads
  • Scorpyd Sling and Butt Pad
  • Scorpion Venom Lube Kit

First Impressions

The Scorpyd Aculeus has a solid sturdy construction. It is not a narrow compact crossbow by any means. The Aculeus has a total length of 34.5 inches and a width of 24.5 inches uncocked(axle to axle) and 12.875″ cocked.

Despite its sturdy construction, Scorpyd has managed to keep the weight of the crossbow as low as possible. The Aculeus weighs 7.5 pounds(without accessories.) That seems like a lot, however, its reverse draw design not only gives the crossbow exceptional power, it also helps with the balance a lot, because of this the crossbow feels less heavy than 7.5 pounds.

The 6061-T6 forged riser is made of the same material as the barrel and the whole construction is anodized. The crossbow has Barnsdale laminated limbs and the fasteners are made of titanium so they are completely rust free. The crossbow has CNC engineered cams with sealed ball bearings and stainless steel axles.

The crossbow has a non-folding buttstock that is nearly 1/2 a pound lighter than the folding stocks on other Scorpyd Crossbows. the ambidextrous glass-filled stock has a 1911 style pistol grip and an ergonomically designed safety forearm that helps prevent your hand from entering the danger zone.

The Aculeus has a nice big aluminum stirrup with an integrated quiver mount and integrated string stoppers.

First impressions of the Scorpyd Aculeus

Arrows and speed

The Aculeus is the fastest crossbow on earth right now. The crossbow has a draw weight of 180 pounds and a power stroke of 18.5 inches. The Aculeus propels 317-grain arrows with lightning speeds up to 480 FPS!

Scorpyd tested the crossbow professionally on the tried and true ORION platform.

The package contains twelve 425-grain arrows that let you shoot up to 460 FPS with the Aculeus. These are high quality 100% carbon arrows have a total length of 22 inches. You’ll also receive some good quality Grim Reaper broadheads in the package.

If you want to reach speeds in the range of 466-480 FPS, I recommend buying the Pro-Lite 370-grain arrows from Tenpoint on Amazon.

The crossbow comes with a mountable quiver that can hold a total of four arrows with or wihtout broadheads.


The Aculeus is installed with the high-quality 1.5×5 Hawke illuminated XB1 SR Scope. The scope is 8.3″ long, made from Aluminum, and weighs 13oz. The scope has 1-inch optics with 11 Layer fully multi-coated lenses and an XB30 compact SR reticle. The scope has 3″ eye relief and features a fast focus eyebell.

The XB1 SR reticle has 10-yard aim points from a 20 yard zero out to 100 yards. Bracketing of 4 or 8 inches and aim marks measuring 1.5 inches across at the corresponding distances. Speeds from 250 to 425 fps.

XB30 Compact SR reticle of the hawk scope

The scope also features a crossbow speed selector that allows the scope to match speeds with any crossbow. The scope is Nitrogen purged, 100% shockproof, 100% waterproof, and 100% fog proof. The scope has a clear field of view and there is no fisheye.


Scorpyd installed the Aculeus with an integrated AcuDraw cocking device, effectively reducing the draw weight of the crossbow by 50%. AcuDraw allows to cock it effortlessly and silently.

Trigger and Safety Features

The Aculeus has a Kempf TEC SEER-LOC 2.5 pound pull adjustable trigger. The trigger has 2 positions, one position allows for a smooth zero creep light pull and a slightly heavier pull position also with zero creep.

The trigger comes with some nice safety features. It has Kempf-TEC anti-dryfire that prevents you from accidentally dry firing the crossbow and an ambidextrous safety lever that is positioned just above the pistol grip.

Assembly and Sighting-In

The Scorpyd Aculeus doesn’t come completely pre-assembled but the crossbow is easy to set up. Read the manual Scorpyd included in the package. The manual also comes with instructions on how to sight in the scope properly, which is also easy to do.


There is no crossbow case included in the package. Scorpyd also doesn’t have an official Scorpyd crossbow case. I recommend buying a universal crossbow case from Amazon to properly store the crossbow. The Guide Gear Deluxe Universal Soft Crossbow Case is a budget case under $50.00 that will fit the Aculeus perfectly.

If you want a more high-quality case I recommend the Tenpoint EVO-X Universal Hammerhead Hard Case.

Range Test

With the crossbows patented reverse draw style, the crossbow shoots lightning fast. With our chronograph, we measured speeds in the range of 450-480 FPS with 370-grain arrows. With the supplied 425-grain arrows we reached speeds in the range of 420-460 FPS.

The crossbow is really comfortable to hold and the balance of the crossbow is near perfect thanks to its reverse draw design. It doesn’t feel heavy at all. The Kempf TEC SEER-LOC trigger has a smooth pull with no detectable creep. Also in the slightly heavier pull position its a smooth pull with zero creep. The trigger works with the Scope rail-system to enable the string to be pulled-back further, shooting arrows with a lot of energy and high precision.

Once I sighted in the scope I shot groups within 2 inches on a distance of 60 yards. I decided to install the high-quality string stops that were included in the package to dampen to bow down and it helped a lot with reducing vibration and noise.

The Aculeus is made for hunting the biggest game out there. You can take the crossbow out to hunt elk, whitetail, black bears, and other big game animals.

Testing the Scorpyd Aculeus

Pros and cons

Scorpyd Aculeus 480 FPS Review - Fastest Crossbow On Earth? 3


  • With speeds of up to 480 FPS, this is the fastest crossbow available!
  • Safe and Silent cocking with Acudraw
  • Good balance thanks to its reverse draw build
  • High-end scope
  • Adjustable trigger
Scorpyd Aculeus 480 FPS Review - Fastest Crossbow On Earth? 4


  • No official Scorpyd case included in the package

Our Verdict

The Aculeus is quite expensive, not every hunter might be able to purchase this fine weapon. I highly recommend this sopisticated crossbow to any seasoned hunter out there, the crossbow is well build, made of high quality materials and it performs excellent in the field.

Thanks to ACUdraw, the crossbow is safe, silent, and easy to cock. The Kempf Tec Seer-Loc trigger is still one of the best triggers on the market and the Hawke illuminated XB1 SR Scope is a very good scope.

I would not recommend this crossbow to beginners. If you are new to the sport, check out the Ravin R10. For seasoned hunters that have some coin to spend and are looking for a heavy-duty, hard-hitting beast of a crossbow for the upcoming hunting season, I highly recommend this hard hitting beast of a crossbow!

If you want to check out some other fast crossbows I would like to point you towards the Tenpoint Vapor RS470(470 FPS)and Ravin’s R29x (450FPS.)

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