Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife Review

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Today we’ll review the Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife. Sometimes you run into new cheap knives that look decent at a first glance which makes you very curious about their quality. Snake Eye’s new tactical fixed blade hunting comes cheap, but is it worth the price?

First Impressions

First off, Snake Eye Tactical made sure the knife came in well packaged. The Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife has a surprisingly well made full tang construction of surprisingly decent quality considering the low price it comes for. It came sharp out of the box, not quite sharp enough, but still relatively sharp and it required only minimum effort to get razor sharp. 


The black Nylon handle of the Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife feels fine in the hand and the texture offers some extra grip. It has excellent weight distribution and is well balanced in all the right places. The handle is approximately 4.25″ long. If one measures to the end of the tang, it is 4.5″ long. It is well designed and I have no complaints about it besides that it does get slippery in wet circumstances.


The Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife features a 4.5″ long saw-back stainless steel clip point blade. The clip-point blade is exactly 3.5mm thick and it has a nice black paint finish. The paint comes off with extensive use. The steel is not as tough as more expensive steels out there but for the price this is fine steel. It does not have great best edge retention but 440 Stainless steel is relatively easy to sharpen. It has a Rockwell hardness of 58–60.


The Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife features a Kydex paddle sheath which is in all honesty quite ugly, but that depends on personal taste. The quality is fine(considering the price.)  It is an ergonomically correct sheath design, the sheath might not look like it is comfortable to carry around but I have to say it is quite comfortable once you put it on. The knife clicks in smoothly, and there’s no rattle. The sheath gets loosish quickly though, and the fixed 180-degree angle makes it a bit uncomfortable to carry and get an initial grip on.

All in all, the sheath is of poor quality, looks ugly, but does its job well.


The Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife does not excel at anything. It is a fine knife for small camping/outdoor tasks and it is always good practice to have a low-cost backup/throwaway knife for jobs you wouldn’t want to use your primary or other good knives for. Its lightweight makes the knife comfortable to carry while backpacking and hiking. I wouldn’t recommend this knife to be your primary hunting knife when you’re out there, but it can be used efficiently as a skinner for small game.


Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

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Knife type:

Overall length:

8.6 ounces

Blade length:

Blade thickness:

Blade shape:
Clip Point

Blade steel:
440 stainless steel

Steel hardness:
58–60 HRC

Handle material:

Carry system included:

Sheath material:


Pros & cons


  • Great price


  • Knife made in China
  • Poor quality sheath


Snake Eye Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Skinning Knife comes really cheap but is it worth the price? Although the price of this knife is low, I don’t think the quality you get in return is sufficient. There are other alternatives with the same (or slightly higher) price where, in my opinion, you get more for your money. Don’t order a knife like this and have high expectations. My advice is instead of buying a cheap knife every few years, buy a high quality one, and maintain it well.

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