Tenpoint Nitro X Review – Compact 440 FPS Crossbow

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Tenpoint Nitro X Quick Summary

Bryan Taylor

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The Nitro X is a powerhouse in the field that can bring down the biggest game, from bears to elk. Equipped with a lot of great tech and for a decent price, I highly recommend this fine crossbow for hunters that are looking for a fast, powerful ultra compact reverse draw compound crossbow.


Tenpoint released the Nitro X in 2018 and is still one of the best compound crossbows on the market within its price range. The powerful, fast 440 fps crossbow has an reverse draw design and comes with TenPoint’s ACUdraw pro safe and silent cocking device.

The crossbow is packed with a lot of other high-tech features that I will discuss in this review. We also tested the crossbow extensively in the field and we were impressed with the results. Tenpoint released the Nitro XRT in 2019 that you can also check out. Let’s take a look at the Nitro X in 2020!

What we like

  • 440 fps
  • Safe, fast, and silent cocking thanks to the ACUdraw pro
  • Powerful compact reverse draw compound crossbow
  • Maneuverability
  • Adaptable stock

What we don’t like

  • Price

Tenpoint Nitro X Crossbow Specs

TenPoint Nitro X

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470 FPS

7.8 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
12.5" / 6.5"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
200 lbs.

Extra Features:
Center-mounted riser, RX7 cams, Vector Quad 4 cable system, Rangemater Pro illuminated Scope, ACUdraw pro, T5 trigger with Dry-Fire-Inhibitor

Package Contents

  • Tenpoint Nitro X
  • RangeMaster Pro Scope
  • 6 Evo-X CenterPunch arrows
  • Integrated string stop system
  • Hard case
  • TenPoint Neoprene Sling
  • Six Arrow-Quiver
  • User manual
TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow Review

First Impressions

Thanks to the reversed draw system, this crossbow is very compact and narrow. The crossbow is 29.5″ long and it has a width(Axle to Axle) of 12.5” uncocked and only 6.5” cocked. The crossbow weighs 7.8 lbs. The crossbow has TenPoint’s Narrow Crossbow Technology in the form of the Vector Quad 4 cable system. This cable system uses 4 cables instead of 2. They are responsible for the narrow 6.5 inches when the crossbow is cocked.

The buttstock is adjustable, you can set it in one of three stands for a better head alignment. You can also adjust the butt plates in one of two positions to adjust your pull length. The material of the stock feels of high quality, it is also reinforced with thermoplastics, this material is weather resistant and extremely durable. The foregrip is of the same material as the stock and it has a slightly rubbery feel to it.

The Nitro X features a center-mounted riser that provides extra balance. That extra balance really had a big impact on my accuracy. The crossbow has RX7 cams, enabling the reverse draw system to work with the Max Rotation System to release the Sling-Shot Technology, boosting a shot up to 15 feet per second!

In the field

I easily pulled speeds out of the Nitro X in the range of 400-449 FPS. With the scope, I was able to shoot quite accurately over long distances. With a power stroke of 16.5,” it has an extremely large energy transfer at shorter distances, this crossbow is clearly designed for hunting big game, such as bear and elk.

Thanks to the extra balance provided by the centralized riser, I could easily shoot with one hand. This crossbow is fantastic, I’ve always had accurate shots because of the excellent balance and long-distance precision. The compactness of the crossbow makes it very suitable for use in a tree-stand.

ArrowsWeightSpeed FPS / KEPrice
Pro Lite Carbon Arrows370-grains470 FPS / 182 FP KECheck Price on Amazon
Pro Elite Carbon Arrows400-grains450 FPS / 191 KECheck Price on Amazon
EVO-X CenterPunch Arrows445-grains440 FPS / 191 FP KECheck Price on Amazon

RangeMaster pro scope

The Nitro X comes with TenPoint’s RangeMaster pro scope. This long-range scope enables you to shoot at various distances very quickly. The illuminated scope is 8.25-inch long and made of Aluminum. The scope feels of high build quality and looks really nice as well. It has flip-up scope caps that also feel of good quality.

The factory adjusted the scope, but it takes some shots to fine-tune it. It features 3 duplex crosshairs and a total of five dots. The dots are calibrated for 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, and 60- yards. It has quick-detach scope rings and a bubble level, they allow you to move scopes from crossbow to crossbow more easily. The scope has an arrow-drop and speed compensation mode.


Assembling the Nitro X is easy, you only have to install the scope to the rig and attach the Six arrow Tech quiver and you are set to go!

Follow the TenPoint manual included in the package!

ACUdraw pro

The Nitro X has TenPoint’s safe and silent ACUdraw pro cocking device integrated into its stock. Thanks to the ACUdraw pro it only takes 9-pounds of force to cock the Nitro X and it is really fast, faster than the ACUdraw and ACUdraw 50.

To use the ACUdraw pro, release the handle on the system. Then place the cocking bracket on the rope of the crossbow. Turn the ACUdraw pro system on and connect the crank. When you hear the click, you can safely release the lever. Continue cranking the crossbow until the string reaches the trigger and you are ready, you can now turn off the ACUdraw system and insert a bolt into the crossbow and shoot!

ACUdraw Pro works much better when its lubed, lube the rail every 10-15 shots!

T5 trigger system

The Nitro X is equipped with TenPoint’s T5 3.5-pound trigger system. It has 50% less creep than previous trigger systems from Tenpoint. Shooting with the T5 ensures a consistent no break shot with no vibrations. The trigger system features a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor to ensure you won’t dry-fire and an auto safety switch. Shooting with a T5 trigger system always feels really nice, I always have smooth and crisp shots and the safety features work perfectly.

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