Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review – Powerful Small 470 FPS Crossbow

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The Nitro XRT was TenPoint’s flagship in 2019 and comes with an incredible speed of 470 fps and this as a very small crossbow. The compound crossbow was built in America and has a reverse draw mechanism. The advantage of a reverse draw crossbow is that it generates more speed while you don’t have to draw too much weight.

TenPoint’s current flagship is the Vapor RS470, of which you can read our full in-depth review here! The Nitro XRT is the successor of TenPoint’s Nitro X, which is still a very good crossbow. However, the XRT goes beyond its predecessor in many ways!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Nitro XRT, and now that I finally did I fell in love with this small crossbow. The Nitro XRT comes standard with the Elite package, which has everything you need to use your crossbow efficiently.

TenPoint Nitro XRT 60 Second Overview | Feed your Need for Speed

Crossbow features

Tenpoint Nitro XRT
Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review - Powerful Small 470 FPS Crossbow 1Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review - Powerful Small 470 FPS Crossbow 2
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470 FPS

7.4 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
12" / 6.5"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
225 lbs.

Extra Features:
RX7 cams, Vector Quad 4 cable system, center-mounted riser, Evo-X Marksman Scope, T5 trigger, Dry-Fire-Inhibitor(DFI), ACUdraw pro cocking device

First Impressions

The first thing that stands out about the Nitro XRT and the most impressive thing about the crossbow is its size. Tenpoint made the crossbow as compact as possible without sacrificing power and speed, they more than succeeded. The reverse draw crossbow is 29.5 inches long and has a width of  12 inches(Axle to Axle) uncocked and only 7 inches wide cocked. The crossbow weighs 7.4 lbs (bare-bow), which is quite a bit of weight for such a small crossbow but because the XRT is extremely well balanced, it doesn’t feel too heavy. The camo looks great.

Side profile of Tenpoint's NitroRTX

The crossbow has Dual Flex Limbs and the Vector Quad 4 cable system, this cable system uses 4 cables instead of 2, this provides more stability and accuracy. The stock and foregrip have a rubber finish for extra grip, which is useful in wet conditions. The stock is adjustable, the side piece of the stock can be adjusted in one of three positions for a more comfortable grip. The butt plate is also adjustable in one of two positions so you can adjust the pulling length to your liking.

Like the Nitro X, the XRT has RX7 cams that help produce the so-called Sling Shot technology, boosting a shot up to 15 fps. The Nitro XRT is capable of generating arrow speeds of 470 fps. The Nitro XRT doesn’t lack power either, with a power stroke of 17″ it delivers an impressive 191 FF KE knockout power!

The Nitro XRT is exceptionally well balanced because the riser is mounted at the center of the rig, a centrally mounted riser deals efficiently with the nose-heavy feeling of crossbows. Because of this the balance of the XRT is near perfect, the crossbow doesn’t feel too heavy anywhere, this makes shooting a lot easier and it helps a lot with long-range precision shooting.

In the field

The Nitro XRT is a beast of a crossbow meant for hunting big game. It has a power stroke of 17 inches and a draw weight of  225 pounds. We tested the crossbow with the EVO-X CenterPunch arrows(445grain.) On our chronograph, we measured speeds in the range of 400-440 feet per second. With the Pro-Lite arrows, we measured speeds up to 470fps with an FP KE of 182. I recommend buying a pack of Pro-Lite arrows to properly test the XRT’s full potential.

We were very impressed that such a compact crossbow could produce these speeds. I was really accurate with the crossbow over long distances because of its excellent balance and stability. Thanks to the extra balance provided by the center-mounted riser, I could easily shoot with one hand.

The Evo-X scope performs really well, particularly well in dark situations. Overall, the Nitro XRT is a big improvement over its predecessor the Nitro X. I like the Nitro XRT so much that I think I’ll use it as my main crossbow for the coming hunting seasons, it’s a fantastic little crossbow!

We used TenPoint’s EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Arrows, Pro Lite arrows and Pro Elite arrows to field test the Nitro XRT.

ArrowsSpeed / FP KEPrice
Pro Lite Arrow (370 grain)
470 FPS / 182 FP KE
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Pro Elite Arrow (425grain)450 FPS / 191 FP KECheck Price on Amazon
EVO-X CenterPunch (445grain)440 FPS / 191 FP KECheck Price on Amazon
Pro Lite Alpha Nock Green
TenPoint Pro Lite Arrow (370 grain) 470 FPS / 182 FP KE
Pro Elite 400 Alpha Nock White
Pro Elite Arrow (425grain) 450 FPS / 191 FP KE
EVO X CenterPunch Alpha Nock White
EVO-X CenterPunch (445grain) 440 FPS / 191 FP KE

lubricate the strings and cables after about every 25 shots!


The Evo-X Marksman Scope is one of the most accurate crossbow scopes available on the market today and is designed to be used for both hunting and competition, providing optimum performance. The scope is 8.18-inch long and weighs 1.210 lbs. The scope looks great and it has a nice black finish.

This long range scope has fourteen fully multi-coated lenses for accuracy and sharpness. It has five red and green illuminated duplex reticles calibrated for -20 -30 -40 -50 and -60 yards. Two non-illuminated duplex reticles calibrated at -70 and -80 yards. It has a magnification ability of 1.5x-6x for long-range accuracy.

The Evo-X is waterproof and fog-free and has a variable speed and arrow deviation adjustment for speeds in the range of 330 fps and 450 fps. The clarity of the Evo-x is excellent, its crystal clear to look through and it has no fish eye. The scope’s bubble level ensures that the scope and crossbow are properly leveled and it has flip-up caps. It also has rings so you can easily attach/detach the scope.

The Evo-X is a piece of high-quality craftsmanship and is still one of the most accurate long-range crossbow scopes available, it is practically a sniper’s scope!

The EVO-X long range precision scope that comes with the Nitro XTR.


Assembling the Nitro XRT is simple, you only have to mount the scope, install the string stop block(w/foot stirrup), washers, and the 3-arrow quiver. First, mount the Evo-X scope and rings to the dovetail mount in the desired position. The second thing to do is to install the string stop block (w/foot stirrup), the assembly bolt, and washers. Now install the three-arrow quiver and your Nitro XRT is ready for the woods!

Read the Tenpoint manual that comes with the Elite package!


Tenpoint has installed the Nitro XRT with the Acudraw Pro. This integrated cocking device allows fast, completely silent and safe cocking. The Acudraw Pro is a significant improvement over its predecessor. It is 43% faster than the Acudraw and Acudraw 50 and also a lot quieter. Thanks to the Acudraw pro it only takes 9 lb to cock the crossbow. Because a crossbow with ACUdraw is so safe to use, the Nitro XRT is perfect for a father-son hunting trip. The crossbow can be safely cocked by anyone!


Shooting with the Nitro XRT is very quiet and you won’t feel any vibration at all, this is due to TenPoint’s automatic T5 trigger. TenPoint’s trigger systems weren’t the best in recent years. Compared to the competitors they often had inferior trigger systems, but with the T-5 TenPoint delivered a fantastic trigger system. Shooting with a T5 always feels good, the trigger has almost no creep and delivers clean no break shots. The safety function is much quieter compared to previous Tenpoint trigger systems. It has a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor(DFI) to prevent dry firing your crossbow.

Pros & Cons

Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review - Powerful Small 470 FPS Crossbow 3


  • 470 FPS
  • Extremely compact
  • Sling Shot Technology
  • Safe and silent cocking/decocking
  • Adjustable stock
Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review - Powerful Small 470 FPS Crossbow 4


  • Couldn’t find one

Package content

The Nitro XRT comes standard with the well-assembled Elite package. This package includes the Nitro XRT, the Evo-X long-range scope, the ACUdraw Pro safe and silent cocking device, a three-arrow instant detach side-mount quiver, and six EVO-X CenterPunch carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points. It also includes an Integrated String Stop System and the TenPoint Neoprene Sling.

The showpiece of the package(besides the crossbow itself) is the TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case. It is a very good case of high build quality and it is water-resistant.

STAG hardcase with the Tenpoint Nitro XRR included in the Elite package


With the Tenpoint Nitro XRT, Tenpoint has made a huge impression. The crossbow has a brilliant design and is masterfully put together. The small crossbow is extremely fast for its size and very accurate over long distances, very impressive for such a small crossbow. Everything is fantastic about the Nitro XRT and I honestly couldn’t find any downsides. The Elite package is very nicely put together, and all the extra equipment is of high quality.

TenPoint has proven themselves again to be among the best crossbow brands out there. The Nitro XRT is an amazing crossbow, I will certainly have fun for years to come with it. I highly recommend this crossbow for hunters who are looking for a small, fast compact crossbow.

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