TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Review – Lightweight and Compact Crossbow

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Brand-new designed for 2020 coming from TenPoint, the Viper S400 crossbow comes with a large amount of innovative technology. The TenPoint Viper S400 comes equipped with a 2-stage zero creep S1 trigger, Micro-Trac barrel, RangeMaster Pro Scope and Tec-X stock. Like most TenPoint crossbows, the Viper S400 also comes with the ACUSlide cocking and decocking system.

TenPoint is an American brand that’s been selling crossbows for over 27 years. They’re producing high quality, super-fast and accurate crossbows. All of TenPoint’s engineering and manufacturing is done in Mogadore, Ohio. TenPoint released three new crossbows for 2020. We really loved the Vapor RS470 and already wrote a review about it.

The Viper S400 is looking to be an incredibly good bow to have for 2020 and beyond. Let us dive in just a little deeper and unpack a few of the new technology which makes this bow extremely amazing!

TenPoint Viper S400 | Shortest Forward Draw Crossbow Ever

TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Features

TenPoint Viper S400
TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Package Veil Alpine
400 FPS
7.5 lbs. (without accessories)
32" (w/o foot stirrup)
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
11" / 7.2"
Power Stroke:
Draw weight:
250 lbs.
Price not available
TenPoint Viper S400
TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Package Veil Alpine
400 FPS
7.5 lbs. (without accessories)
32" (w/o foot stirrup)
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
11" / 7.2"
Power Stroke:
Draw weight:
250 lbs.
Price not available

Size and Weight

TenPoint says it’s their shortest forward-draw crossbow ever. The TenPoint Viper S400 comes in at 32 inches in length, 11 inches wide when uncocked and 7.2 inches wide when cocked.

The TenPoint Viper S400 is slightly shorter than the TenPoint Turbo M1 that measures 32.5 inches in length. The TenPoint Turbo M1 is also a very good forward-draw crossbow from TenPoint, but around $600 cheaper than the Viper S400. But the TenPoint Viper S400 only has a power stroke of 11 inches!

The Viper S400 weighs 7.5 pounds without accessories. It’s not a very lightweight crossbow, but it’s not heavy either. This crossbow feels really well balanced, is easy to handle and easy to maneuver with in tight spaces.

Speed and Arrows

TenPoint says the Viper S400 can shoot arrows at up to 400 feet per second. When looking closer at all the features, you’ll notice TenPoint supplies three Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows. These arrows come in at 445 grains and the Viper S400 will only manage to shoot the arrows at 370 feet per second.

Evo-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows

In order to actually achieve the 400 feet per second, you’ll have to order Pro Lite Carbon Arrows from TenPoint. These arrows only weigh 370 grains. That’s 75 grains less than the Evo-X CenterPunch arrows.

You can buy the arrows separately on Amazon.

I recommend to stick with the Evo-X CenterPunch arrows. They’re heavier so they travel a bit slower but have more kinetic energy. The Evo-X CenterPunch arrows roughly have 135 FP KE and the Pro Lite Carbon arrows 132 FP KE.

Using a heavier arrow also results in a quieter shot and the arrow will absorb more of the force the crossbow generates, reducing the wear on the limbs and strings.

We were able to hit 372 feet per second with the Evo-X CenterPunch arrows and exactly 400 feet per second with the Pro Lite Carbon arrows.


TenPoint equipped the Viper S400 with a top-of-the-range scope. This scope is designed and produced by TenPoint themselves. This scope has been released by TenPoint 5 years ago and it’s a very good scope!

The RangeMaster Pro scope is very easy to sight in for 20 to 60-yard shots. The RangeMaster Pro offers extremely clear optics, variable magnification from 1.5X to 5X and contrast lines, red or green dots and adjustments can be easily made in the field. It’s the perfect scope for the Viper S400!

Assembling and Disassembling

The Viper S400 comes mostly assembled. You’ll only have to install the scope and you’re ready to cock and shoot the crossbow!

You don’t have to disassemble the Viper S400 to store it. It’s a very compact bow and you can just hang it on a crossbow stand or put it in a crossbow case.

Unfortunately, TenPoint doesn’t supply a case with it, but you can buy one on Amazon or from TenPoint. At the time of writing this article, both cases are cheaper on Amazon than on the TenPoint website. You can either buy the soft case or the hard case.

TenPoint Narrow Soft Case, Black/Red - Easily Transport & Protect Your Crossbow
  • EASY CROSSBOW TRANSPORT - The TenPoint Narrow Soft Case features two padded, quick-release straps that can be used “sling-style” or “backpack-style.” The side-mounted rubber grip handle & top nylon handle provide additional carrying options.
  • OPTIMAL PROTECTION - Lightweight and rugged, this water-resistant case features a foam-padded interior with a hook & loop strap to secure the crossbow during travel.
  • EXTRA STORAGE - Use the two external zippered pockets and one internal zippered pocket for accessory storage. Molle straps on the exterior pockets and backpack straps allow hunters & shooters to attach additional accessories.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Fits Flatline 460; Havoc RS440 & XERO; M-370; Nitro 505, X & XRT; NXT 400; RDX 400; Shadow NXT; Siege RS410; Stealth 450 & NXT; Titan De-Cock & M1; Turbo M1 & S1; Vapor RS470, Vengent S440, Viper 430 & S400, Woodsman 360 & 375; XR-410
  • DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS - With TenPoint, you are arming yourself with a complete hunting system, including accessories specifically engineered to help you fill your freezer or put one in the record books!
TenPoint STAG Hard Case, Black - Easily Transport & Protect Your Crossbow
  • EASY CROSSBOW TRANSPORT - Features two hook & loop straps to secure your crossbow, straps that lock down the quiver, and an integrated stirrup pass-thru slot with a storm flap to hang the crossbow in the case
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION - The TenPoint Stag Hard Case was constructed to withstand harsh weather & travel conditions. This rigid, water-resistant case features an extremely durable outer shell, plus a velvet-lined interior for added protection.
  • COMPATIBILITY - This case fits Nitro X & XRT, NXT 400, Shadow NXT, Stealth NXT, Titan De-Cock & M1, Turbo M1, Vapor RS470, Vengent S440, Venom XTRA, Viper S400, and XR-410 models.
  • DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS - With TenPoint, you are arming yourself with a complete hunting system, including accessories specifically engineered to help you fill your freezer or put one in the record books!


The new totally integrated cocking mechanism right from TenPoint is really leading-edge technological know-how inside the crossbow industry. For the first time ever you’re able to safely and silently cock and decock your crossbow and release the handle anytime you want without breaking anything.

That ACUslide inside the Viper S400 contains a new integrated brake mechanism, which helps the crank from unwinding when releasing the handle. It also prevents the bow from dry-firing during either the cocking or decocking procedure, further contributing to the safety features.

The ACUslide is placed inside of an innovative stock layout from TenPoint, a new Tec-X Stock. That stock is definitely smaller sized and reduces the entire weight of the crossbow by more than half a pound.

Viper S400 ACUSlide Handle

Shooting and Trigger

New with the TenPoint Viper S400 comes a S1 Trigger. This trigger from TenPoint is a 2-stage trigger with no creep and a crisp pull. TenPoint says this should improve your accuracy by 48%!

Their Trigger Lock Latch is definitely an imaginative design that minimizes the tension from the string coupled with the ACUslide and allows the trigger box rest for your new latch. This means your bow is your trigger box will probably be in the identical position every single time, that leads to 48% raised downrange accuracy and reliability.

S1 Trigger on Viper S400

One of the Viper S400 features is a renovated Micro-Trac Barrel. This kind of barrel includes integrated rollers that reduces string-to-rail contact. TenPoint claims a single string can last up to 1300 shots.

Additionally, it has two separate grooves over the top of the barrel. The inner group of rails that the arrow rests on are slightly recessed into the barrel itself, which in turn decreases string-to-rail contact by 50 percent. Not only does this eliminates friction which could decrease accuracy it also significantly boosts the string life, which is a great concern on these types of swift high-powered crossbows.

The TenPoint S400 is dead-silent when cocking. It also shoots pretty quiet for such a powerful crossbow. Beware of shooting target arrows into the same spot, you’ll surely break a lot of your arrows! The Viper S400 is insanely accurate!

After shooting the TenPoint Viper S400 about 200 times, we couldn’t notice any wear or damage on the strings.

Package Contents

  • RangeMaster Pro Scope
  • ACUslide Handle
  • 6-Arrow Tech Quiver
  • Three Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows

Extra Features

  • RangeMaster Pro Scope
  • ACUSlide safe Cocking and De-cocking system
  • Micro-Trac Barrel
  • S1 Trigger
  • Tec-X Stock

Pros and Cons


TenPoint S400 Deer Hunting

Final Rating of the TenPoint Viper S400

Bryan Taylor

TenPoint Viper S400 Review


The TenPoint Viper S400 is extraordinary. This crossbow is compact, powerful, and extremely accurate. We’re sure the TenPoint Viper S400 will become a favorite crossbow for many hunters. It’s built to last!



  • 400 FPS
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Very safe
  • Effortless Cocking


  • TenPoint speed-rates their crossbows with different arrow weights

The Viper S400 is also a very safe crossbow to use. You’re able to safely cock and decock your crossbow with the ACUSlide. You’ll also have less problems with string wear.

If the Viper S400 doesn’t fit your budget, we recommend taking a look at the TenPoint Turbo M1. The Turbo M1 is around $600 cheaper than the Viper S400.

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