Top 5 Best Arrows To Hunt Deer And Elk In 2020

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Are you looking for the best arrows to hunt deer and/or elk in 2020? Without the best arrows in your arsenal, your performance will certainly suffer. You may not be able to bring down your prey easily, if at all. To make choosing the best arrows in 2020 a little easier for you, I’ve put together a basic guide on what to consider when you are out to buy hunting arrows and I have carefully selected some of the best arrows available on the market in 2020.

The arrows are reviewed for hunting Deer and Elk.

What to consider when buying the best arrows in 2020

There are many things to consider when you are looking to buy the best hunting arrows that fit your situation and preferences. We will go through the basics first. What do arrows consist of?

Arrows usually consist of four parts: The point, the shaft, the fletchings, and the ridge. The tip is the bit that has to hit your target(if all goes well.) The shaft is the body of the arrow, connecting the point to the ridge and the fletch.

The fletchings are at the back of an arrow to aerodynamically guide the arrow to fly. Fletching is traditionally made from bird feathers, but solid plastic vanes and thin sheet-like spin vanes are used more in the modern age. They are attached near the nock (rear) end of the arrow with thin double-sided tape or glue. The ridge is a small groove at the back of the arrow that fits over the string of a bow.

Before you start looking to buy the best arrows for your situation you will need to measure your draw length. Second, you need to decide what type of bow you will use and third, you need to know the pull weight of your bow at your draw length. And of course, you need to decide on what the game you want to hunt. If you made up your mind on these aspects you are ready to pick your hunting arrows.

You should make out what shaft material you want your arrows to be, which spine to pick, what length your arrow should be and which shaft pattern you prefer.

Measure your draw length

To determine your draw length, which is quite easy to do and can be done at home. Draw length measures how far you draw your bow to the anchor point. To carry out the measurement, all you need is some measuring tape. Here are the steps:

  1. Stand with your back to a wall stretching your arms out against the wall. Make sure you’re not hunching forward and that you’re not wearing any clothes that could restrict arm movement.
  2. Spread your arms to the sides and make sure that together they form a straight line that is parallel to the floor.
  3. Measure the distance from the end of your middle finger to the end of your other middle finger. This measurement, minus 15 then divided 2.5 by is your draw length.

Determine your draw weight

Determining your draw weight or poundage is extremely important. Every archer has an ideal draw weight. Some easily pull 30 pounds, and others can pull over 70 pounds. You can test your draw weight by drawing your bow while seated. If you can smoothly draw your bow when sitting, your bow is probably set at a manageable weight. You can train to increase your draw strength.

Note: Most states (33 of 50) have minimal draw weight requirements. Some have a 30-pound minimum, and others have set 35- or 40-pound minimums.

Arrow shaft material

Arrow shaft materials include Wood, Carbon, Aluminum, or Fiberglass. Each has different benefits and drawbacks but carbon arrows are in most cases the better pick.

Wooden Arrows

The most basic and cheap arrows are wooden arrows. People used wooden arrows for hunting throughout history. Nowadays they are mostly made of aluminum alloys, fiber-reinforced plastic composites or aluminum composites. Wooden arrows are heavier and slower compared to carbon and aluminum arrows. Wooden arrows are also difficult to generate the resistance that a compound bow requires. If you use wooden arrows with a compound bow they will easily break. Traditional longbow shooters still use wooden arrows for their authenticity.

Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum arrows are normally hollow. They are heavier than carbon arrows and normally won’t fly as fast. They are much safer than wooden or carbon arrows because they won’t splinter. For that reason and the fact that aluminum arrows are more affordable, aluminum arrows are a save pick for beginners.

Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are made up of many interwoven fibers, this makes them Incredibly light comparison to wooden arrows. The downside is that some carbon arrows easily splinter and are thus somewhat more dangerous to use than wooden arrows or aluminum arrows. However, the best arrows to hunt big game are carbon arrows. They are a much better choice for performance and accuracy than wooden or aluminum ones.

Fiberglass arrows

Fiberglass arrows are generally used for bow fishing and are often used for recreational purposes. They are inexpensive, which is why they are often bought by starter. They can help you learn whether archery is something you enjoy before invest on more qualitative and expensive arrows.

Arrow weight

What the weight of your arrows should depend on what game you are hunting. If you want to hunt bigger game it usually requires a faster traveling arrow and a higher draw weight. For hunting deer and elk, I recommend the weight will be between 385 grains to 500 grains depending on shaft length and vanes. My current arrow setup for hunting deer and elk is is 442 grains.

Arrow spine and arrow length

Arrow spine and arrow length will depend on the bow from which the arrow is being shot. You will also need to determine your draw length and the pull weight of your bow at your draw length. Take your draw length and add 0.5″ up to a maximum 1″ to determine appropriate arrow length. So if your draw length is 28″, you should get arrows with a maximum length of 29″. The spine is indicated by the numbers 340, 400, or 500. Spine basically means the stiffness of the arrow. The spine is dictated by the length of the draw and weight a person shoots.

There are many calculators and charts online that will show proper spine.

Choose your desired shaft pattern

The most common carbon arrow shaft patterns are black, camo, and wood grain. Aluminum arrow shafts have the same choices for the most part. Wood arrow shafts have many different stain colors and accent colors like a crown dip and/or cresting.


Here are some of the brands that have proven themselves as some of the best providers of high-quality arrows.

  • Express Maxima
  • Easton
  • Gold Tip
  • Ms Jumper
  • Tiger Archery

Top 5 hunting arrows for deer & elk hunting in 2020

Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ

Best Arrows Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Carbon Hunting Arrows

The Maxima Blu RZ combines the same world-class, lightweight speed and accuracy of the Maxima Blue Streak Select with the breakthrough broadhead accuracy of the Maxima RED, which results in a new, lightweight hunting arrow that shoots broadheads so well that it is a revolution in bowhunting performance. Easily, the best arrow to hunt deer and elk in 2020.

The BLU RZ is made with Carbon Express proprietary Diamond Weave carbon material and features a hi-tech carbon shaft designed with stiffer ends that isolate the arrows flex in the middle of the shaft: the RED ZONE.

Testing shows that the new BLU RZ with RED ZONE technology flies broadheads as well as field points.

LAUNCHPAD Precision Nocks come standard on all Maxima RED arrows and shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment, and more consistent accuracy shot after shot. Maxima RED arrows come fletched with Blazer vanes. Carbon Express Proprietary BullDog Nock Collar comes standard on all Maxima RED arrows and shafts to protect the shaft against the nock end impact.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows

The Maxima Hunter is an upgraded classic. The Maxima Hunter is the fastest, most accurate camouflage arrow in the Carbon Express line. It combines this heritage with the added benefits that result from Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. The precision design delivers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon arrows.

Dual Spine Weight Forward Patented fusion of two different carbon materials that create 2 spines in 1 arrow to manage energy better and make arrows recover faster, spin 20% sooner, retain more speed and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

LAUNCHPAD Precision Nocks come standard on all Maxima Hunter arrows and shafts to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment, and more consistent accuracy shot after shot. Performance Vanes Maxima Hunter arrows come fletched with either Blazer or Fusion performance vanes. Nock Collar Carbon Express proprietary BullDog Nock Collar comes standard on all Maxima Hunter arrows and shafts to protect the shaft against nock-end impacts.

MS Jumper archery carbon

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

One of the advantages of the MS Jumper archery carbon arrows is that they can be used with arcs of any kind, including recurve and composite bows. This arrow was made of top quality materials. It has good performance, low hand shock with good speed. This is a cheaper option and maybe what you need when you’re just starting out. These arrows last a long time; carbon fiber is incredibly durable and the flight capabilities are definitely superior for this type. One of the best arrows on the market for hunting as well as targeting practice.

Easton Full Metal Jacket

easton full metal jacket

They are a little expensive but I have had remarkable results with these arrows. The arrow’s small diameter cuts through the air at a break-neck pace and its carbon core delivers long-lasting performance. These arrows have extra knockdown power. The kinetic energy that these arrows deliver will drive the broadhead through your target with ease. Easily, the best-crafted carbon core-aluminum cased hunting arrow on the market in 2020. Durable, hard-hitting, deep penetration. They offer superb consistent accuracy. You can’t go wrong with these arrows.

Tiger Archery Carbon


Precision carbon hunting arrows made for extended durability and long-lasting target practice. What stands out are the colored plastic fletchings, which make flight always pointed the right way.

The tips are nickel-plated stainless steel. As for accuracy and flight stability, these work great. They come with replaceable nocks. Nocks are not fixed by glue, which is a great feature.

They are heavy and durable. But they can be really hard to pull from targets, depending on the target.

Take good care of your hunting arrows

Taking good care of your arrows is really important. First, it’s always a good plan to wipe the arrows clean and dry after a day of shooting, wipe your bow and arrows with a soft dry cloth.

If the fletchings are messy I use denatured alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is only 70% alcohol and has conditioners in it. Denatured is about 97% or 99% and will not leave a residue.


A quiver holds your arrows while you shoot your prey. It carries them safely as you walk back and forth to the target.

You have field quivers, which are compact and side quivers, which are generally longer and larger, and you have back quivers, which are favored by traditional archers.

The most popular quivers for bow hunting, however, are the quivers that you mount onto the bow. I recommended the Trophy Ridge Lite, which is a great quiver and easy to install. The quiver holds the arrows secure, while you track your prey.

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver

Arrow tube

Hunters also often carry an arrow tube, which I really recommend myself. An arrow tube is a tube with a shoulder strap where you can safely transport your arrows with. Arrow tubes should be solid on the bottom because arrows are dropped point first down the tube, with the nock and fletchings at the top. The tube should be watertight. The SAS adjustable archery arrow case carrier is a fine, cheap option.


There are no “best arrows”. There are optimal choices for certain situations. It also depends on personal preference and your hunting style.

For more seasoned hunters I definitely recommend Carbon Express’s Maxima Hunter camouflage arrows. For beginners I recommend MS Jumper carbon arrows, they are excellent for hunting as well as practice shooting and they are not that expensive.

I hope this post guided you to the better options on the market to take down your prey in 2020. Take good care of your arrows and they won’t disappoint you.

Good hunting!

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