Wicked Ridge M370 Review – Lightweight and Accurate Crossbow!

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Quick Overview of the Wicked Ridge M370

Bryan Taylor

Wicked Ridge M370 Review


Wicked Ridge managed to build another high-quality crossbow for not a lot of money. The M370 is the most lightweight, very compact, insanely accurate, and still a very powerful crossbow that shoots arrows at 370 feet per second!


Today we’ll be reviewing another high-quality crossbow from Wicked Ridge. This time it’s the Wicked Ridge M370; a very lightweight, accurate and still powerful crossbow! It’s a wallet-friendly crossbow with a lot of the high-tech features from TenPoint.

Wicked Ridge is owned by TenPoint and TenPoint made Wicked Ridge their budget brand. Wicked Ridge has been producing high-quality crossbows for numerous years now and they’ve built quite the reputation. They’re known for creating crossbows that are durable, very accurate and have tech that usually only TenPoint crossbows sport, but at a much cheaper price.

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Wicked Ridge M370 Crossbow Features

Wicked Ridge M370

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370 FPS

5.8 lbs

Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked):
14" / 9.5"


Power Stroke:

Draw weight:
180 lbs.

Extra Features:
ACUdraw (optional), Gordon Glass Limbs, T4 Trigger

Size and Weight

Wicked Ridge produced the most lightweight crossbow you can currently buy on the market. The Wicked Ridge M370 comes in at only 5.8 pounds! Wicked Ridge used limbs made out of “Gordon Glass” to keep the bow as lightweight as possible. Even though the M370 is very lightweight, it is still a very durable and powerful crossbow!

Another feature wicked ridge used to keep the M370 as lightweight as possible, is the “Air-Lite Stock”. This Air-Lite stock is molded from glass-filled polypropylene. This thermoplastic keeps the M370 lightweight and durable.

Coming in at 35 inches in length, the M370 sports VX-5 inverted cams which elongates the power stroke to 13.8 inches and increases rotation. This results in more accurate and quieter shots.

Wicked Ridge did an amazing job at keeping this crossbow as compact as possible, measuring only 14 inches in width axle-to-axle when cocked and 9.5 inches in width axle-to-axle when uncocked!

Because of its compact size and lightweight design, the M370 is a great crossbow to carry it with you, hunt in tree-stands, blinds or store it away easily when it’s not the hunting season.

Speed and Arrows

As with most crossbows, the name already gives it away. Wicked Ridge’s M370 can shoot arrows at 370 feet per second and with most crossbows from Wicked Ridge (and TenPoint), they offer a couple different arrows with alpha-nocks.

Most M370 crossbow packages get a 3 pack of 20-inch Wicked Ridge XX75 aluminum arrows delivered with it. Shooting these arrows with the Wicked Ridge M370 will get you speeds of around 350 feet per second.

If you’re actually looking to get 370 feet per second out of the M370, you’ll have to get TenPoint’s Pro Lite carbon arrows. These arrows weigh 65-grains less than the XX75 arrows and come in at 370-grains. You’ll easily hit the 370 feet per second as advertised by Wicked Ridge.

We recommend to use the XX75 arrows for most of your shots, they’re heavier and a bit slower but gives a deeper penetration than the Pro Lite Carbon Arrows. Because of the weight, you’ll also have less string/cable damage and overall, less vibrations going through the crossbow, which results in a longer life of your crossbow.

ArrowsSpeed / FP KEPrice
Pro Lite Carbon Arrow (370-grains)370 FPS / 113 FP KECheck Price on Amazon
Wicked Ridge XX75 Aluminum Arrow (435-grains)350 FPS / 118 FP KECheck Price on Amazon
TenPoint Pro Lite Arrow
Wicked Ridge XX75 Aluminum Arrow


Wicked Ridge installed TenPoint’s 3x Multi-Line Scope on the M370. TenPoint pre-sighted the scope and has lines for 20, 30, 40 and a fourth partial line for 50-yards. https://amzn.to/3iXHJjA

It’s a good scope for the M370 and it should be pre-sighted by Wicked Ridge/TenPoint as well. Our scope was 2-inches off center, which only took 1 shot to correctly sight it in.

Assembling and Disassembling

Wicked Ridge basically offers the M370 as a ready-to-hunt package. It has a 1-bolt assembly which only takes less than a minute to do. Wicked Ridge also pre-sighted the scope in the factory so it’s a ready-to-hunt crossbow!

You’ll have to slide the front-end of the bow onto the stock, make sure to properly seat the front-end before you tighten the bolt. Optionally install the quiver and foot-stirrup and you’re ready to hunt!

Make sure to always properly read and follow the instruction manual that comes with the bow!


Wicked Ridge offers the M370 with an ACUdraw cocking device or a rope-sled cocking device. If you prefer to spend around $150 less on the M370, you should get the rope-sled version (CLICK). We prefer the ACUdraw over the rope-sled. It’ll save you a lot of trouble cocking the M370.

Most people would probably already know about the ACU cocking mechanisms from TenPoint, the ACUdraw is one their latest, safest and most silent ways to cock a crossbow. Only the ACUslide is probably more advanced than the ACUdraw.

If you do decide to buy the M370 without the ACUdraw, you can buy one later on Amazon for around $230 or buy one from TenPoint’s official website for around $250.

Testing and Shooting

Wicked Ridge didn’t cheap-out on the trigger, they installed a T4 trigger. It’s a trigger they also used for the Wicked Ridge Invader 400. We loved the trigger mechanism on the Invader 400, so hopefully it works as great!

Wicked Ridge made sure this crossbow is as safe as possible, the T4 trigger has auto-engaging safety features and a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor. Together with a crisp clean 3.5-pound pull, it’s one of the better crossbow triggers currently on the market…

Make no mistake! This crossbow is very powerful and accurate! You’ll destroy a lot of arrows if you keep aiming at the same spot!

Wicked Ridge advertises the M370 as pre-sighted. Even though it wasn’t much, our scope wasn’t correctly pre-sighted. With 2-inches off-center, I needed only 1 shot to correctly sight the scope. After correctly sighting in the scope, I managed to get 1-inch groups with the XX75 aluminum arrows.

We also made sure to speed-test the M370. With the XX75 aluminum arrows we managed to get 352, 351 and 354 feet per second, just a bit more than the advertised speed by Wicked Ridge. As we still had some Pro Lite Carbon arrows laying around from testing some TenPoint crossbows, I decided to speed-test these as well. They came in at 371, 369 and 370 feet per second, averaging the exact advertised speed.

Extra Features

Wicked Ridge M370 Extra Features

Package Contents

  • Wicked Ridge M370 crossbow
  • TenPoint’s Multi-Line scope
  • ACUdraw or Rope-Sled
  • 3-Arrow Instant Detach quiver
  • 3x 20″ Wicked Ridge XX75 .003″ 435-grains Arrows

Wicked Ridge doesn’t offer a crossbow case with this package, but you can buy one separately on Amazon or on TenPoint’s website. We highly recommend to properly store your crossbow, no matter what brand or model you have. For a longer life of your crossbow and easy transport, use a case!

Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow Case

Pros and Cons


  • 370 Feet Per Second
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • ACUdraw (optional)
  • Safe to use for beginners


  • Different arrow weights for speed rating

Our Verdict

Wicked Ridge managed to build another high-quality crossbow for not a lot of money. The M370 is the most lightweight, very compact, insanely accurate and still a very powerful crossbow that shoots arrows at 370 feet per second!

Features like the ACUdraw, Dry-Fire-Inhibitor and a T4 trigger with auto-engaging safety features makes the M370 also a very safe crossbow to use for the youth. Its 1-bolt assembly makes it also perfect for beginner crossbow hunters!

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