Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Review – Crossbow With a Short Length of Pull!

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Wicked Ridge released the Ranger X2 for the 2019 hunting season as a crossbow for beginner hunters, youth, women and shorter people. It’s a crossbow with a length of pull of less than 12 inches!

Wicked Ridge is TenPoint’s “budget” brand and one of the last crossbow brands that design, build and make their crossbows in the USA. TenPoint is known for their ACU cocking devices (safe and easy cocking/decocking), Alpha-Nocks (increases string-to-nock engagement for better accuracy), durability and overall just high-quality crossbows.

Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Youth Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow Features

Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow
TenPoint Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow Package, Multi-Line Scope and ACUdraw Cocking Device (WR19025-5532)
330 FPS
Width Axle-to-Axle:
19" / 16"
5.9 lbs.
Power Stroke:
Draw weight:
150 lbs.
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Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow
TenPoint Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow Package, Multi-Line Scope and ACUdraw Cocking Device (WR19025-5532)
330 FPS
Width Axle-to-Axle:
19" / 16"
5.9 lbs.
Power Stroke:
Draw weight:
150 lbs.
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Package Contents

  • Ranger X2 Stock
  • Ranger X2 Riser + 4S Cams
  • TenPoint’s 3x Multi-Line Scope (already mounted to the stock)
  • Foot-Stirrup
  • 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver
  • 3 Wicked Ridge 18-inch Ranger Carbon Arrows with 100-grain practice points
Wicked Ridge ACU-52 Quartering Toward

First Impressions / Size and Weight

Wicked Ridge designed the Ranger X2 to be the perfect crossbow for the youth, women and shorter people. It should therefore be easy to cock, lightweight and compact. The total length of the Ranger X2 is 33.9 inches.

This length isn’t that compact, but the length of pull is. With the length of pull at less than 12 inches and the length of the power stroke is only 10.9 inches!

The width of this crossbow is 19 inches when cocked and 16 inches when uncocked. It’s also equipped with 11-inch WRX laminated limbs.

Coming in at just 5.9 pounds including all accessories, the Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 is very lightweight.

Arrows and Speed

Usually Wicked Ridge speed-test their crossbows with up to 3 different arrows that have different weights. With the Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 they only speed-tested it with the Wicked Ridge 18-inch Ranger carbon arrows.

Included with this crossbow is a 3-pack of 18-inch Wicked Ridge Ranger carbon arrows. They weigh a total of 350-grains with 100-grains practice points.

Wicked Ridge Ranger Carbon Arrow Alpha Nock Green

Wicked Ridge & TenPoint now recommend to use the Alpha-Nocks on any of their crossbows. This will increase string-to-nock engagement by 28% and should be more accurate than the Alpha-Nocks.

With a draw weight of about 150 pounds, the Ranger X2 is speed-rated at 330 feet per second.

To complete your Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 crossbow package, I definitely recommend to get the ready-to-hunt accessories package from Wicked Ridge and some extra 18-inch carbon arrows. Included in this package are 3 Alpha-Brite lighted arrows, 3 Evo-X Centerpunch broadheads, TenPoint sling, Premium lubricant with foam applicator and some string wax & conditioner. The ready-to-hunt package usually costs $135 if you buy everything separate!


Wicked Ridge installed TenPoint’s 3x Multi-Line Scope on the Ranger X2. It’s the exact same scope as Wicked Ridge mounted on the M370 and the RDX 400. It’s a great scope for up to 50-yards and is pre-sighted at 20-yards.

TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope

It’s a fully coated, lightweight and compact scope. Featuring 3x optics and 3 duplex crosshairs and a fourth partial line. It’s pre-sighted at 20-yards, but make sure it’s correctly zeroed in before you go out for a hunting trip.


Included with the Ranger X2 is the ACU-52 Rope-Cocking Device. This self-retracting rope-cocking device is built into the stuck and reduces the draw weight by up to 50%!

It’s very easy to cock the Ranger X2 with the ACU-52, much easier than any rope-cocking device on other crossbows I had the pleasure to shoot. When not in use, magnets hold the t-shaped handles securely in place.

Wicked Ridge made the Ranger X2 also compatible for the ACUdraw cocking mechanism. Using the ACUdraw crank-cocking device will reduce the draw weight to only 5 pounds!

Trigger and Safety Features

Wicked Ridge equipped the Ranger X2 with TenPoint’s Dry-Fire-Inhibitor and auto-engaging safety trigger. When fully cocking the crossbow, the auto-engaging safety switch will go from fire to safe. It’s a trigger with almost zero-creep and a 3.5-pound pull.

Assembly and Sighting-In

Wicked Ridge designed the Ranger X2 to be the perfect crossbow for beginners, so it should be very easy to assemble. Always read the assembly manual carefully before assembling the crossbow!

First attach the cable saver to the cables then slide the riser onto the stock and fasten the bolt. After that you can install the quiver-mount and then the foot-stirrup. TenPoint’s 3x multi-line scope is already mounted to the stock! Watch the video below for detailed instructions:

How to Assemble a Wicked Ridge Crossbow | TenPoint Crossbows

TenPoint already pre-sighted the scope at 20-yards, but it’s always wise to make sure the scope is properly sighted in. During shipping/transport of the crossbow anything can happen.

If you don’t know how to zero in a scope, then watch Wicked Ridge’s tutorial below:

How to Sight In Your TenPoint, Horton, or Wicked Ridge Crossbow | TenPoint Crossbows

Range Test

I took the Ranger X2 out for a range test about a month ago, but I really wanted to test it with the string dampening system + limb vibration dampeners and barrel dampeners. It’s quite a noisy crossbow without the silencing/dampening system installed.

It’s still a very lightweight crossbow after installing the extra dampening systems. The Ranger X2 does not have a rubberized grip or pass-through foregrip. Wicked Ridge installed glass-reinforced nylon safety wings to help keep the shooter’s hands safely below the strings and cables.

I’ve only used the built-in ACU-52 rope-cocker to cock the Ranger X2. It’s one of the best rope-docking devices I’ve got to use so far. Though, I’m used to rope-cocking crossbows with a higher draw weight, the ACU-52 rope-cocker makes cocking this crossbow almost effortless. If you’re looking for a review on the ACUdraw crank-cocking device, I suggest you to take a look at our other Wicked Ridge or TenPoint crossbow reviews.

Sighting in the scope was very easy to do. First shot was about an inch off-center, so I only needed one more shot to fully zero in the scope. It’s dead-center at 20-yards and even at 50-yards I’m easily able to shoot 1-inch groups.

Speed-testing the Ranger X2 was a bit easier than with other Wicked Ridge or TenPoint crossbows. Wicked Ridge speed-tested this crossbow with only 1 type of arrow, the Wicked Ridge Ranger 18-inch carbon arrows. They advertise this crossbow as a 330 feet per second crossbow, I managed to see speeds of 331, 328 and 331 feet per second with our trusted chronograph.

I mentioned at the beginning of this range test section that I decided to install the dampening systems before actually posting this review. Without the installed dampening systems, the Ranger X2 was a rather noise crossbow. I would like to have seen these accessories pre-installed by Wicked Ridge as this is a HUGE difference. You only hear a low noised “thud” now.

TenPoint Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow Package, Multi-Line Scope and ACUdraw Cocking Device (WR19025-5532)
  • Engineered to introduce crossbow hunting to youth, women, and small framed shooters, the Ranger X2 features an easy-to-handle 150-pound bow assembly and 4S cams
  • Focused on safety for the new hunter, it is equipped with a safety engineered pass-through fore-grip and glass-reinforced nylon safety wings to help keep the shooter’s hands safely below the bowstring release pass
  • Built for pin-point accuracy, its riser and machined aluminum limb pockets are fitted with 11" WRX laminated limbs
  • Powered by speed-inspired 4S cams, the bow assembly is incredibly narrow when cocked
  • This ready-to-hunt crossbow is packaged with a cocking device, quiver, and arrows


This crossbow package doesn’t include a case. Wicked Ridge does offer a crossbow case that fits the Ranger X2 perfectly. It’s the Wicked Soft Crossbow Case. This durable soft crossbow case offers the best protection for your crossbow during travel or storage.

Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow Case

To reduce the noise to almost nothing, get the string, limb, and barrel dampeners. Complete this crossbow with the “Ready-to-Hunt” package!

Wicked Ridge Ready to Hunt Accessory Package

Final Rating

Our rating of the Wicked Ridge Ranger X2

Bryan Taylor



The Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 is a very lightweight, accurate, safe, and easy to cock crossbow. With the short pull of draw, it’s a perfect fit for youth, women, and shorter people in general.


What we like

  • Short Length of Pull
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to Cock
  • ACUdraw Compatible
  • Made in the USA!

What we don’t like

  • None

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